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Deluxe Passes for Sale - Brand New, Never Activated!


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  • Deluxe Passes for Sale - Brand New, Never Activated!

    Hi all.. I hope this is the right forum to post this.

    I'm planning a trip to WDW so I've decided to buy Premier passes instead (payments on a premium, then cash difference to get a premier). So, I have these 2 Deluxe passes that I don't need.

    They are brand-new from the Disney store, with receipts.

    They need to be activated by 12-31-2012, or you'll be subject to paying any increases in pass prices.

    Please PM me for details or email me: [email protected]

    It's best/easiest to meet at the gates.. I need to get up their anyway to get the premier passes.

    These are currently on craigslist, and might go on eBay.. not sure yet.


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    Re: Deluxe Passes for Sale - Brand New, Never Activated!

    With absolutely no disrespect to the OP of any kind intended, MiceChat has a very strong policy on the resale of Disney ticket media on our site. In many cases, it is against Disney's terms of use surrounding that media. While there may be times when that policy does not apply, this site cannot know, nor determine when it is OK to do so. For that reason alone, this thread is closed.
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