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If you loved Roller Coaster Tycoon, then support this project!!!


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  • If you loved Roller Coaster Tycoon, then support this project!!!

    Hello everyone! There is a new computer game in development called Theme Park Studio by Pantera Entertainment. It is in the process of being designed and the company needs our support and funding in order to complete the project. They have already used their own funds from the company to begin the project, but in order to do everything that the fans want, they need a bigger budget! They are at $50,000 right now, and need to get to $80,000 in 11 days. They think they can make it but its gonna be super close.

    If you loved the roller coaster tycoon series, and have been waiting for something like it, or a 4th edition, then this game is for YOU! It is incredibly detailed and designed to allow the player to customize the crap out of anything! Go to their page and read all about it and watch their videos and look at their pictures. Its some amazing looking stuff.

    If you didnt know already, when you donate on Kickstarter, it does NOT charge you unless the fund goal is reached. So please, spread the word! Donate now! And get excited!

    Theme Park Studio - Create the Ultimate Theme Park! by Pantera Entertainment — Kickstarter


    Theme Park Studio | Official Website

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