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Awesome Poster - For those who like Primeval World and dinosaurs in general


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  • Awesome Poster - For those who like Primeval World and dinosaurs in general

    Hello, Micechatters!

    My name is Andy, and I lurk on this forum everyday (multiple times a day, actually). When I was a kid, one of my favorite attractions at Disneyland was Primeval World - if you count that as an attraction. I still love dinosaurs today, and Primeval World is always the highlight of the train ride. However, there are some details about the diorama that are inaccurate. Did you know that the battling Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus couldn't have met each other because they lived millions of years apart? Also, Tyrannosaurus would have stood with its tail lifted higher, and it would have feathers! And let's not forget that it is supposed to have 2 fingers, not 3!

    To raise awareness of recent scientific discoveries, I have created a large dinosaur poster. The project is currently on Kickstarter, and a contribution of $20 would get you a 2x3 feet poster (with shipping already included in the price). There are only 5 days left for me to reach my funding goal, or else the project gets canceled and the money refunded. If any Micechatter has young children or knows anyone who likes dinosaurs, support will be much appreciated. This is an unprecedented project where the dinosaurs not only look "cute," but the educational value is not sacrificed. They are drawn to scale with each other and arranged according to geological time scale. I believe anyone would benefit from this project. So next time you ride Primeval World, you can consult the dinosaur poster and spot how different our perspective of dinosaurs were in the 1960s!

    The link to my Kickstarter page is here: Dinosaur Poster by Andy Nguyen — Kickstarter

    Thank you, Micechatters!

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