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[Fashion website] Disney Catwalk

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  • [Fashion website] Disney Catwalk

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to promote the website I've just created.
    But first of all, let me introduce myself.
    I'm a French fashion student currently living in Paris.
    I used to own a website dedicated to the Disneyland Hotel located in Disneyland Paris but I shut it down because I thought it took me too much time to update.
    After a while, I came across a new idea: why not conceive a website that would be both useful and relevant to my studies besides being enjoyable?
    That's why I founded Disney Catwalk.
    It will be regularly updated with interesting content. I've set a schedule to let you see what it will be all about.

    For those of you who are a bit reluctant about fashion, it's an opportunity to discover it through Disney. International designers will be featured as well as their Disney-themed collections and pieces.
    Don't worry, I won't only talk about fashion houses that sell their products at incredibly high prices. I will analyze some mass market companies such as H&M, Mango, Zara or Target and also Disney brands like Disney Couture or Disney Parks collections.
    I'll let you check out the website by yourself.
    Here's the daily program showing the themes that will be dealt with:

    You can also check out the site's daily updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Feel free to let me know what you think!
    I hope you'll enjoy it!
    See you soon on Disney Catwalk

    PS: The site is available in both English and French.
    Brand new: Disney Catwalk

    Find out how Disney and fashion blend perfectly!

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    Re: [Fashion website] Disney Catwalk

    Not bad, but you are affiliated with Disney in using their name, right? :sweat:
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    The more Paul Frees, the better I say.


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      Re: [Fashion website] Disney Catwalk

      It means I don't get paid for what I do!
      I'm compelled to use their name since it is my main topic
      Brand new: Disney Catwalk

      Find out how Disney and fashion blend perfectly!