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My New Site For Disney Parks And More


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  • My New Site For Disney Parks And More


    My name is Yariv and this is my first post here! I have looked around for a while and loved reading everyones topics and comments.

    I have started a new website called that is basically a Yelp type review site specifically dedicated to theme parks. You can review anything and everything, an entire park to a specific restaurant to your favorite attraction.

    I would love if some MiceChatters could post their reviews!

    - Yariv

    ThemeGo - The Happiest Reviews on Earth

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    Re: My New Site For Disney Parks And More

    Cool site!

    I like that it's just for theme parks and their amenities. I will definitely post some reviews after my next trip over to WDW.

    Thanks for posting, and welcome to MiceChat!

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      Re: My New Site For Disney Parks And More

      Thank you for the kind words! Looking forward to your reviews

      Thank you for the warm welcome.


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        Re: My New Site For Disney Parks And More

        Welcome to MiceChat! I'll definitely check out your site! Would you mind heading to mine as well?

        Thanks and have a fantastic day!
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