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VMKPal. For VMK Players


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  • VMKPal. For VMK Players

    VMKPal is a new tool produced by a fan of vmk. it is safe, as long as you dont advertise it on vmk. lol

    Be careful with it, it is not owned by disney, nor created by it. I have been using the beta versions, and it works well.

    Here is what the creator said about it:

    To celebrate VMK's 1st birthday, I'm pleased to present a new update to VMK Pal! And it's now officially Version 1! It incorporates several of the suggestions and bug reports from users of this forum.

    New features include:

    * Calendar - You can now view an up-to-date calendar of VMK events with time shown in VMK time or local time
    * Alerts - You can now see how long till VMK opens and closes and when events will begin and end
    * Timer - A built-in timer lets to keep track of how much time has elapsed

    Improvements include:

    * Confirmed! Fixed speed problems which affected some users (Thanks to Dopeyfan, NarniaDante, & RustyCopperPenny for their help in tracking down and testing this one)
    * Opening a web link now brings it up a new browser window
    * When you click back onto VMK Pal from another program, VMK is automatically refocused so you can begin typing
    * When taking a picture, hint windows are hidden so they don't appear in the picture
    * "Quick Talk" renamed to "Help Talk"
    * Help Talk phrase size increased from 55 to 80 characters
    * Help Talk wait time increased to better prevent abuse
    * Magnifier settings are saved each time you use it
    * When there is an error reaching the VMK Pal home page, you now have the option to "Retry"

    You can learn more about the update at or download it directly at:

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    Re: VMKPal. For VMK Players

    * Updated to work with VMK's new login system. With the new system, VMK Pal can no longer automatically log you in. Instead, it takes you to VMK's login screen and automatically enters your username and password. Then you, the user, must click the "Login" button.

    Otherwise the program is as good as it was... (This program uses Internet Explorer to run...)


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      Re: VMKPal. For VMK Players

      :cgrin: Great program. I use it so I can make VMK take up the entire screen, especially when playing mini games (even though IMs will pop up over it). It also makes it easier to take, crop, and save pictures.


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        Re: VMKPal. For VMK Players

        Thank you all so much for the links and info. I just downloaded it and tried it out. What a difference in playing and taking photos!!! Too bad it can't keep you connected.


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          Re: VMKPal. For VMK Players

          I personally love this program!! I love that you can take screenshots!



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