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Extinct Attractions Club DVDs Experience

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  • Extinct Attractions Club DVDs Experience

    April 16 - I ordered and paid $45.00 for three DVDs from the Extinct Attractions Club;
    The Haunted Mansion Story Vol. 1
    Disneyland / Disney World Promotional films 1965-1982 DVD
    America Sings

    April 20 - I got this e-mail from Patrick: wrote:
    Hi, there was a goof with the paypal text box, and a few of your DVD choices didn't come through.
    Please get back with me on your choices and I'll get you taken care of right away.
    Dont forget to include your...
    Full name, Mailing address, and DVD/CD selections
    Extinct Attractions Club
    Questions, Comments, Concerns???
    Please call me...
    10am to 6pm Monday thru Friday

    April 20 - I wrote back the same day:
    Hi Patrick,
    I'd like to have:
    1- The Haunted Mansion Story Vol. 1
    2- Disneyland / Disney World Promotional films 1965-1982 DVD
    3- America Sings

    Do you offer any type of deal if I were to purchase 5 or more DVDs at a time?

    Thank you.

    April 20 - May 12 -
    No contact from anyone at Extinct Attractions Club.
    I left several messages on David Oneal's and Patricks answering machines leaving my name and number every time and no calls were returned.

    I called once and just hung up when I got David's answering machine again. That time he returned the call a minute later and left a message on my machine that he had missed my call, but didn't know who it was that had called. A few minutes later, I called again and got his machine, I left another message but it was not returned. I was pretty obvious to me that he was screening calls.

    I went online and did a little research. It seems I'm not the only one experiencing this type of frustration.

    May 12 - I called again and for the first time, someone actually picked up the phone. I spoke with Faith, Phillip's Wife, and she took my information and assured me that the DVDs would be "on their way tomorrow"

    May 23 - I called and David Oneal answered the phone and seemed genuinely concerned. He blamed everything on Patrick and his wife Faith, claiming that they had since been "fired". He took all my information, address, DVDs ordered and assured me that he would be assuming all shipping duties and the DVDs would be mailed immediately.

    May 24 - I received the following e-mail from David Oneal wrote:
    I'm sincerely sorry that your order went through so many problems. I'm here to take care of you, and want you to know I appreciate your order and the time you have spent trying to solve the problems given to you. I want you to know that our new shipping compnay is staffed with a profesional team that will fill your order right the first time and get the order to you in days not weeks. Overnight fed ex is too costly for us, as we are a chairty group, but we can do fed ex ground for you.

    Please send me:
    Your shipping address, first and last name
    and the dvds you would like. I will have them sent to you
    and I will email you the day they ship (he didn't)

    Thank you for the support and understanding, and I hope we can earn your trust.

    David Oneal
    Founder Extinct Attractions Club

    May 31 - A month and a half after I ordered them, I received the DVDs.

    I noticed some features that were promised were not included on the Haunted mansion DVD, so I wrote back to David;

    Hi David,
    I got the DVD's today. Thank you.
    The America Sings DVD - Awesome!
    Disneyland/Walt Disney World Promotional Films - Awesome!
    The Haunted Mansion Story Volume 1 - Good stuff. But incomplete.

    Here's what's on the dvds
    Disc 1
    The Haunted Mansion Story
    The Leota Films
    The Singing Bust Films
    Disc 2
    At Home with Rolly Crump
    1974 Mansion Gets Robbed
    1980's Television Special
    Art Work of the Mansion
    Back Stage Photo Tour
    Disney World Ride Through 1
    Disney World Ride Through 2

    Where do I find... ?
    X Atencio's tour thru his personal collection of Disneyana?
    Ride Through Disneyland's Haunted Mansion?
    Alice Davis tour through the Davis collection?
    Marc Davis' Original Haunted Mansion sketchbook?

    Ok, the other stuff I could live without, but the ride-through of the Original Haunted could you leave that out? Or are these hidden somewhere on the DVDs?

    I'm looking forward to purchasing many more DVDs from the Extinct Attractions Club, I just hope I don't have to wait a month and a half for them next time.

    Bret &#186;o&#186;

    Today I received the following e-mail; wrote:
    Not sure if you know or not, but I fired the guy Patrick in Oklahoma and he is no longer doing shipping or anything for us. We now handle it through a profesional mailing group in California.

    for your questions:

    Where do I find...

    X Atencio's tour thru his personal collection of Disneyana? this was a misprint on the cover that was an old cover the new one does not incle that

    Ride Through Disneyland's Haunted Mansion? no disneland is included

    Alice Davis tour through the Davis collection? again a misprint

    Marc Davis' Original Haunted Mansion sketchbook? that is the images of the haunted mansion that we shot and are on dvd 2

    Thank you

    David Oneal
    Founder Extinct Attractions Club

    No apology, just "this was a misprint on the cover", "that was an old cover the new one does not incle that", "no disneland is included" and "again a misprint"

    Notice that his website still sells that same DVD ( http://www.extinct-attractions-club...._orleans1.html ) and still claims that it includes;
    Ride Through Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, Alice Davis tour through the Davis collection and X Atencio's tour thru his personal collection of Disneyana.

    Never have I experienced a more unprofessional operation than I have with the Extinct Attractions club.

    Instead of taking my chances on purchasing any more Extinct Attractions DVDs, I will save my $$ and consider this a lesson well-learned.

    Anyone else out there with a similar experience?
    Last edited by DisneylandGuy; 06-03-2006, 02:55 PM.
    Bret šoš

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    Re: Extinct Attractions Club DVDs Experience

    Yep... I love the DVDs they do. They're incredible. If you can ever get them. Unfortunately, I've never been able to get all of mine. In fact, I have several copies of some DVDs now because they kept sending me the same ones over and over again instead of the right ones! ARRRRGH!!!

    Be aware that you'll probably find him going under two last names if you do searches -- his maiden name and his married name.

    The place is a mess.... it's good, but it reeks of scam at the same time. This has been happening for years now.


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      Re: Extinct Attractions Club DVDs Experience

      I am so gald they fired Patrick. If that is what really happen. The same thing happend to me. I even posted hateful stuff on their message board hoping no one else would fall into the same trap. I ordered on Feb 17, 3 dvds Haunted Mansion Vol1, Worlds Fair 1964 and Natures Mine train. After about 10 different emails with David and Patrick. I was sent the COP Dvd
      and still had not seen the ones I have ordered. That was in March. On april 1 after another 20 emails I rec HM vol1 and Natures Mine Train. To make long story short and 35 emails later I got worlds fair DVD on May 15th!!!! Not to mention all the calls I made to David and Patrick. David has done some good work with these DVD's but on the other hand very very very very poor at getting them to the people that paid good money to get them.

      If this is a chairty group? Then they arent doing the chairty any good.


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        Re: Extinct Attractions Club DVDs Experience

        Originally posted by Redsix
        If this is a chairty group? Then they arent doing the chairty any good.
        Well, that's been questioned before, too. The way I hear it, the only charity it does is help his own pockets, not the people he claims to help.


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          Re: Extinct Attractions Club DVDs Experience

          How can David sell those DVD's without paying disney any of the profits?
          or does he hide behind the the charity sign? It is sad because some of these DVD's are really cool. They seem to hide behind the pay pal problem. I want to order more but I am afraid since I had a bad time. By the way the COP is a awesome DVD!


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            Re: Extinct Attractions Club DVDs Experience

            I ordered the three disc set of Horizons audio. While it was nice for all the audio.

            Most of the three discs were filled with duplicate songs (the only difference being some still had the sound tech operator reading titles from the original recording - the way they are played on Utilidors Audio Broadcasting, which was kind of strange)

            Less than two weeks was more like a month

            I'd probably order again, but I'm not sure


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              Re: Extinct Attractions Club DVDs Experience

              This is Patrick...I feel the need to come in here and say something...

              The Extinct Attractions Club has been around for a while now, and while I have not always been affiliated with the club, I have always been a supporter of them. I've know Dave for about 7 years now, and have purchased my share of DVDs from the club. They do a good job, and the money really does go to a good cause. I've seen for myself the work Dave does for the homeless families in Anaheim.

              I became the duplication and shipping guy for the club when Dave needed me. Had I not stepped in when I did, the club would have most likely (if not just temporarily) shut down. I was trying to be there when Dave needed me, and did what I ws needed to do to keep the club alive.

              To be honest, if I had known ahead of time that the job was going to be as time consuming as it was, I may have thought twice about taking on the job. Many of you know my site DoomBuggy Productions, and my At Home Imagineering projects. It was because I was working sometimes 12 hours a day that I hadn't really updated my site in nearly a year. I was working out of my home, and it was a "make it as it was ordered" operation. I wasn't able to just pluck DVD's off of a warehouse shelf and pack them up.

              When it came down to it, I just couldn't keep up, and as I understand it Dave has several people and a professional shipping company doing what I was doing all by myself. But all that adds up to MUCH faster service, and from what I've heard from club members, they're getting their stuff in about a weeks time. I'm not gaining anything by telling you guys this, and the fact of the matter is I'm still a supporter of the club...the DVDs always have been great, and the money is going to help some folks that really need the help.

              SO, give the club a shot...if the guy that got fired isn't willing to say bad things about the club, then maybe they're worth giving a shot.

              Try the Peoplemover, Haunted Mansion or Carousel of Progress DVD's you wont be sorry.


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