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New Star Tours Film For 20th Anniversary?


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  • New Star Tours Film For 20th Anniversary?

    New rumor for 'Star Tours'

    Originally posted by Jim Hill
    Mark January 9, 2007 on your calendar.

    Why for? Because that's the 20th anniversary of the grand opening of Disneyland's "Star Tours." And -- in honor of this very auspicious occasion -- rumors are now flying that StarSpeeder 3000 may begin flying to a brand new destination on that very same date.

    Mind you, nothing's carved in carbonite yet. But "Star Wars" creator George Lucas has been dropping some Rancor-sized hints lately. Take -- for example -- last month, when George was speaking at the "3D: New Dimensions in Digital Cinema" event at ShoWest. When one of the reporters there attempted to pin Lucas down about "Star Tours" 's future, the noted director supposedly used some Jedi mind tricks to try & cloud that journalist's mind. Saying only that -- when this Disneyland attraction was finally updated -- it would be done digitally.

    ("Alright, Jim. Enough with the stupid 'Star Wars' references already," you say. "Just get on with telling us about what's reportedly going on with 'Star Tours'." Okay. Will do. )

    Well, it is true that -- last month in Vegas -- Lucas did reveal that the next generation of "Star Tours" would be done digitally. But what George didn't mention is where exactly an update for this Disney theme park favorite would fit into his upcoming work schedule.

    According to my sources at Skywalker Ranch, Lucas is actually quite anxious to get a new version of "Star Tours" installed at the Disney theme parks. Which is kind of understandable. Given that over six years ago, George allegedly approached Mouse House management about possibly putting a new ride film into this simulator. Only to have Disney's Big Cheese supposedly say "No."

    Strange but true, folks. But the story (as I heard it a number of times from WDI insiders) goes something like this:

    Back in late 1998/early 1999, as the dedicated craftsmen at Industrial Light & Magic are dropping finished FX shots into the work print for "The Phantom Menace," these grizzled effect guys can't help but notice how well that movie's pod race sequence was coming together. How the camera POV shots in that section of the movie particularly gave you a sense of speed and movement of Annakin's vehicle.

    Which was why -- given how effective this part of "Star Wars: Episode I" was on a non-moving screen -- the crew at ILM then began to wonder: How well would "Phantom Menace" 's pod race play inside a moving theater? Like one of those simulators that Disney uses for "Star Tours"?

    And quicker than than the Millennium Falcon can make the Kessel Run (Okay. I know. I promised. No more obscure "Star Wars" references ...), the guys at ILM were calling their buddies at WDI. Saying things like "We just did Disney a huge favor. We made your new 'Star Tours' film for you. Do you wanna see what this stuff looks like when it plays inside a simulator?"

    And -- of course -- the Imagineers did want to see what these effects guys were talking about. So arrangements were made to screen this section of "Phantom Menace" on board a moving StarSpeeder 3000. And it quickly became obvious that "Star Wars: Episode I" 's pod race sequence really would make one hell of a "Star Tours" ride film.

    The only problem was that this was the Spring of 1999. And Disney CEO Michael Eisner had just spent tens of millions of dollars on the redo of Disneyland's Tomorrowland area. Only to have the public greet this radically revamped portion of that theme park with a collective shrug.
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    This is excellent rumor material. I would love to see smarter technology with rotating random films occuping several new simulators to provide new possibilities and excitment to ride it over and over and over again. Hope this becomes fact rather than fiction.


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      (DizDragon crosses fingers and pulls out lucky penny to throw down Snow White's wishing well.)


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        I don't think it'd make much sense to incorporate a pod racer movie into star wars simply because the star speeders aren't 'pod racers'. It's silly and they don't fit into that theme at all.


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          It sounds like the pod racer idea was more of a feel for what they could create with the newer technology. Even if they did go ahead with it, they would probably re-theme the whole ride to fit it.

          I was at the park yesterday, and I went on Star Tours, and I was thinkin'. If they do end up upgrading this attraction, how sweet would it be to put windows on the sides of the Starspeeders? That way, when you're crashing around, you not only see what's in front of you, but you get to see stuff flying by all around you. Since they would be using digital scenery anyway, it seems like it would be pretty easy to create this type of effect.


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            Originally posted by The Mad Hatter
            I don't think it'd make much sense to incorporate a pod racer movie into star wars simply because the star speeders aren't 'pod racers'. It's silly and they don't fit into that theme at all.
            The last time that this was suggested, the story idea was that you are taking Star Tours to the pod races and the robot pilot ends up in the middle of the race. Can you just hear the pilot saying: "Hey... I think that we can take these guys".
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              Boo. If they redo Star Tours, it better have nothing to do with the prequels.

              I think if they restored the Star Tours film like they restored the original three films (have you seen the quality of the DVDs!? Wowie wow wow) that would already be a good improvement. However, I doubt they would make such a minor change to a ride that's really losing steam.


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                I'd love to see a newStar Tours film, but I'm not getting my hopes up... I just can't get myself to trust this Jim Hill character when everything I've read that he's said just hasnt come true...

                Oh well...

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                  Digital? Flat screen displays? Sounds awesome! Can you imagine if they installed LCDs as "viewports" along the sides, like windows in an airplane? A totally immersive experience! I can imagine zipping through some sort of podrace, pulling alongside another racer, and there he is, out the window to the left or right... This COULD be a huge update...
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                    To add to the rumor history is that Lucas in his typical fashion probably wanted lots of additional cash to relicense the new film etc and the total cost including all the adds to the ride was more than Disney wanted to spend. Historically he does not just give anything out, there is always a big payout in addition to anything new.
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                      Originally posted by The Mad Hatter
                      I don't think it'd make much sense to incorporate a pod racer movie into star wars simply because the star speeders aren't 'pod racers'. It's silly and they don't fit into that theme at all.
                      Nor are the SS 3000s x-wing fighters, but they participate in an attack on the Death Star. I'm sure it could be part of the typical "something goes wrong" theme where Rex gets lost and finds himself in a pod race (which, by the way, take place all over the galaxy, not just on Tatooine) ....
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                        I dont believe this at all. This is Jim Hill, people!


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                          If it's true, and the date is the proposed launch date (yea those are big ifs), then I can GUARENTEE you one thing.

                          The movies will be in 3-D.

                          Lucas already confirmed starting in 2007 he's releasing the original trilogy in 3-D. That coincidence is just striking. What better way to hype up the 3-D craze than open a Star Tours 3-D motion ride.


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                            At least they picked an fine date: my birthday!
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                              Originally posted by MotorBoatCruise2005
                              I dont believe this at all. This is Jim Hill, people!
                              Yeah. Nothing that guy says EVER comes true!
                              That Guy!


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