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Please donate to send me to DisneyWorld


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  • Please donate to send me to DisneyWorld

    I'm 21 and have never been to DisneyWorld. So I've researched through WDW Travling and I need $1000 to make the trip. I've started the Walt Disney World Trip Foundation fund. Please donate to send me to DisneyWorld. Thank you and God Bless.
    Donate To Send Me To WDW
    Total Amount Donated As Of 4/05 = $0.00

    Derek =]
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  • #2
    your kidding ,right? Get a job and save like the rest of us.


    • #3
      Originally posted by karliebug
      your kidding ,right? Get a job and save like the rest of us.
      thank you for saying that, I was going to say something similar to that...But I didn't want to risk being rude about it.


      • #4
        Does he actually expect ppl to donate to him???
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          Well Derek, I am 52 and I have never been to WDW and I will probably never go. Seems like all the money I have goes to drugs to keep me a;live. Shoot, I need 1600 right now to get some stuff. Derek, my heart breaks for you.
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            How rude.

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            • #7
              It never hurts to ask I suppose.

              If this works for Derekuda I may start up a collection for my next trip to Euro Disneyland and Paris.


              • #8
                always looking for contributions for my fund BUT I am the only one who saves and gives to it


                • #9
                  "Are you serious? Is he serious?"
                  Anyone up for a Colorado Micechatters meet-up?

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                  • #10
                    Yeah yeah......I wanna go to WDW. Send me some money too! Yeah, Yeah!!
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                    • #11
                      Hey, I wanna new PS2...someone wanna donate for that? :lol:

                      But seriously, some people.... :confused: :botox:


                      • #12
                        I saw this post when he originally posted it on April 20, thought about giving him some negative rep for it and didn't and was surprised that no one else responded until karliebug replied with an incredulous post.

                        All we can do is "Just Say No."

                        I confess to checking his Pay Pal account to see if anyone's taken the bait and foolishly sent him money. Thankfully not a cent has been deposited.

                        His brazen plea isn't any worse than another newbie in here begging in a post for someone to give him some good rep and he'll reciprocate because "I only have a couple of green squares."
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                          How about this- I will give you .02 cents worth of my advice- GET A JOB! Save our money- that way, when you do get to go, it is that much sweeter because you know how hard you worked for it. There are no handouts in this world, I am afraid.
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                            Maybe it was just a joke?....I hope? :confused:
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                            Marge: Pink.
                            Homer: D'oh!
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                              Oh my word....I can't believe how rude all of you are. This was originally my signiture untill one of the mods took it off and posted it in this forum. And secondly...IT'S YOUR's not like i'm private messageing or flooding the boards with pleas for money. It was one simple post and if anyone felt it in their heart to donate, the option was there and most welcome and appriciated. If you don't want to donate, then don't,...its that simple.
                              It doesent mean you have to bash and hurt someones feelings.
                              I know there are alot of Disney fans with a lot of disney love and love to share love and disney experiances and i figured that there might be someone out there who wants to send me WDW while i'm still young. It's the same idea that when you send someone whom you love to disneyland for the first time. Your excited for them. So try somthing new and be excited for a micechat aqquantance.
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