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Dinner at Club 33?


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  • Dinner at Club 33?

    Where would I look to about buying a dinner at Club 33? Any members out there? Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    Re: Dinner at Club 33?

    Shhhhhhhh, we don't talk about this on Micechat, if you didn't know.
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      Re: Dinner at Club 33?

      Sorry.. I was just wondering about ebay etc. I didn't know...please don't hurt me


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        Re: Dinner at Club 33?

        You're probably not aware, but just so you know, it is against Club 33 rules to sell or otherwise exchange a reservation at the Club for gain. In some instances, the Club will allow a member to donate a reservation to charity (or even allow a charity to hold a fund raising event at the Club), and that charity may sell or auction the reservation as long as it is only offered to people who are already on the charity's mailing list. Public sales or auctions are not allowed -- and eBay is probably policed more than any other site. That is why you should not be able to see any Club 33 reservations for sale anywhere.

        Even so, there are ways to find those charities as long as you know the right person to PM . . .

        FWIW, some charities simply auction off a reservation -- the cost of dinner is not included -- and get upwards of $500 per person. Some charge less, but if you do find one you should be aware that it won't be cheap and in some cases may not include the cost of dinner.


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          Re: Dinner at Club 33?

          You could always go the route that this person has:

          Although I wouldn't suggest it.

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            Re: Dinner at Club 33?

            Two other things:

            1) I know that on some online Disney forums it is against the rules to ask about buying a dinner at Club 33. I don't know if that applies here.

            2) You ask if there are any members out there. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a member openly posting their membership status on the forum. Just imagine how someone would be inundated with requests for reservations if they were crazy enough to say anything like that!!!!


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              Re: Dinner at Club 33?

              I know of at least 3 members on this board. As much as I would love to go, I would never EVER attempt to ask any of them for an entry to the restaraunt. some day I will have enough money to be able to afford my own may not be any time soon, but that is my goal.


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