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Help - I Need a Professional Tailor or Seamstress!


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  • Help - I Need a Professional Tailor or Seamstress!

    Hi all -

    I need to get my fitting out of the way very soon, and most bridal shops will not take me or want a hefty surcharge, because I ordered the dress online. (Even though they carry it).

    I only need a hem and train bustle (just the hooks and loops) for $100 or less (preferably much less). Do any of you know of a professional tailor/seamstress who knows how to work with wedding gowns in the Disneyland or Long Beach area (within 10 miles of each of those areas, or any distance in between the two)?

    Thanks for your help!

    (And, yes, I sew quite well, but I'm too busy and chicken to touch my own gown. :shy: )
    [email protected]

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