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3 Universal Tickets!!


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  • 3 Universal Tickets!!

    UPDATE: I now have a 4th ticket!!

    Last night me and my family went to Universal Studios Hollywood for a Company Party. We had to paid for each of us, and admission included a 2 day pass. We have and will only use 1 day. So we have 4 single day admissions to USH. I am selling them for $35.00 dollars (regular price $49.00)
    USH requires that your name be on them, so the person who is interested in purchasing them from me will have to write their name next to the ones previously on them. They are valid until 12/24/06
    If you are interested email me at [email protected] and we can discuss it privatley.
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!
    If no one is interested or buys them before next week (Thursday October 5th, 2006) I will be listing them on ebay.
    Get on top of it now! 14 dollar savings!
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    Re: 3 Universal Tickets!!

    You can use these for either an adult or child ticket, each ticket works for any age group
    Ages 2 and under do not need a ticket
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      Re: 3 Universal Tickets!!

      I really need to sell i'm marking down the price to $30.00 each. Hopefully this will encourage someone to purchase them.
      A 19 dollar savings!


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        Re: 3 Universal Tickets!!

        Last chance you guys!!
        $29.00? lol


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          Re: 3 Universal Tickets!!

          Ok, if anyone if interested, email me. I'm not going to post this on ebay, so if your reading his and its a bit before 12/24/06 feel free to contact me


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