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Selling my Disneyland memorabilia!


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  • Selling my Disneyland memorabilia!

    Due to an unexpected bill this morning, I am in need of some immediate funds, and so I am selling the last of my Disneyland memorabilia. Before I list it on eBay, I figured I'd give everyone here a chance to acquire it this evening, first. I've just put up a list here of what I've got to sell - little stuff, big stuff, and everything in between! - if you're interested in any of it, either post here or drop me a line at, and we'll work something out; I'm willing to let everything go pretty cheaply.

    Disneyland 40th Anniversary Ian Fraser sculpture - Sleeping Beauty Castle - This is the rarer 1st edition of this GORGEOUS sculpture! For those of you who aren't aware, there was a first edition of this sculpture, which was released with a wooden base and a little plaque attached celebrating Disneyland's 40th anniversary in 1995. The next year, a second edition of the same sculpture was released, minus the wooden base and plaque (still difficult to find, but not quite as rare as the 1st edition - both have been out of print for years). This sculpture is in mint condition - it still has the original $95 price tag attached, and is in the original styrofoam packing container. Beautiful!

    Disneyland Hotel matchbook - near mint condition, still has 2/3 of the matches in it, from the Monorail Cafe, circa late 1950's

    Disneyland Mickey Mouse ears - circa 1960's (near mint condition)

    Complete set - Disneyland Whitman card game - circa 1964

    Disneyland Ticket Book - (missing cover ticket, 2 Es, and 1 D; everything else is complete) - circa late '70s/early '80s

    Disneyland pennant - red w/ characters, near mint condition, circa late '70s/early '80s

    Disneyland 25th Anniversary Silver Coin - still in the original case!

    1983 Disneyland "Guided Tour" luggage tag - mint condition

    COMPLETE Master set of 1985 Disneyland 30th Anniversary "Gift Giver Extraordinare" pins - all 7 lands (Adventureland, Bear Country, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Main Street USA, New Orleans Square and Tomorrowland), with both Frontierland and Tomorrowland recalled "pointy" variants, all 3 New Orleans Square variants (Mickey - gold text, Mickey - red text, and original purple B'rer Fox pin), and rare Mickey w/ drum title pin! (Warning: It's gonna take a LOT to get this from me - it's my baby!)

    1985 Disneyland 30th Anniversary pennant - light blue, near mint condition

    1987 Disneyland Souvenir Guidebook - mint condition

    1988 Disneyland Souvenir Guidebook - mint condition

    Original Disneyland 35th Anniversary pop-up souvenir map - mint condition!

    1993 Disneyland Souvenir Guidebook - celebrating the opening of Toontown

    1993 Mickey's 65th Anniversary Disney Dollar - circa 1993, mint condition

    "Inside Disneyland Today" daily park map - Aug. 6-12, 1994

    1995 Disneyland vacation video - "Catch a Wave of Fun!", complete with brochure and cover

    1995 Disneyland 40th Anniversary pennant - light blue, excellent condition

    Disneyland 40th Anniversary poster-sized fold-out map - never displayed, still in mint condition!

    Complete set of 8 1995 Disneyland 40th Anniversary McDonald's Happy Meal viewers (Aladdin - Aladdin's Caravan parade, B'rer Bear - Splash Mountain, King Louie - Jungle Cruise, Mickey - Space Mountain, Peter Pan - Fantasmic!, Roger Rabbit - Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, Simba - Lion King Celebration parade, Winnie the Pooh - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad)

    "Inside Disneyland Today" daily park map - Oct. 6-19, 1995, celebrating "The Spirit of Pocahontas" stage show and the "Indiana Jones Adventure"

    1996 Main Street Electrical Parade Farewell Season "5 for 2 Passport" advertising table display - mint condition!

    Disneyland Today park brochure - May 24-27, 1996, featuring Toy Story Funhouse

    Disneyland Today park brochure - May 28-30, 1996, featuring Main Street Electrical Parade Farewell Season

    1996 Disneyland Team Disney Complimentary Passport - used, dated January 2nd, 1997

    Cast & Crew button from the opening for Light Magic - dated May 23rd, 1997

    Used Disneyland one-day passport - dated May 23rd, 1997 (opening day for "Light Magic")

    Disneyland Today park brochure - May 23-26, 1997 (opening day for "Light Magic") (2 available)

    Disneyland Today park brochure - March 13-15, 1998

    "New Tomorrowland" opening day button - dated May 22nd, 1998

    Original "Can You Find Mickey?" table placemat - from the long-gone Monorail Cafe! (2 available)

    Original Disneyland Autopia Chevron driver's license - mint condition!

    1999 Haunted Mansion 30th Anniversary brochure - from the "Art of the Haunted Mansion" event, June 26th & 27th 1999 - mint condition!

    Disneyland 45th Anniversary poster-sized fold-out map - never displayed, still in mint condition!

    Disneyland 45th Anniversary Celebration Tour map set - reprint of the original Herb Ryman map; includes "I Walked in Walt Disney's Original Magic Kingdom" button, Disneyland "scroll" pin (only available upon completion of Celebration tour during summer of 2000), and RARE AP-exclusive "Herb Ryman map" pin! (only available to APs after completion of the "Celebration tour" during July of 2000, and sold out after the first week!)

    Disneyland 45th Anniversary July 17th, 2000 party hat

    Disneyland 45th Anniversary daily park map (July 14th-20th, 2000) (2 available)

    Disney's California Adventure park brochure - March 30th-April 5th, 2001

    "The New Disneyland Resort" preview brochure (was originally available in the preview center, during construction of DCA) (2 available)

    2003 Disneyland vacation video - "A Whole New World", complete with brochure and cover

    I also have the following non-Disneyland related items that I'm going to sell, too:

    Walt Disney 6-cent stamp - "Showman of the World", circa 1968 - mint condition

    WDCC 1998 Fantasia "Summoning the Stars" Mickey figurine - w/ pickax mark, retired in 2001 - brand new condition, still in the original box (which is also in mint condition!) with all of the original paperwork (unopened!)
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