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National Treasure 3 & 4 on the way (and other Disney movie news)


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  • National Treasure 3 & 4 on the way (and other Disney movie news)

    This article from

    A familiar name appears in the article:
    Jim Hill talks Disney Franchises

    By: Karl Schneider, News Editor
    Source: Jim Hill
    Date: Thursday, February 22, 2007

    According to Jim Hill Media and Al Lutz, Disney has a whole slew of big name franchises in the pipeline including: A second Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, 3 more Narnia films, National Treasure 3 and 4, and new franchises for Prince of Persia and John Carter of Mars.

    Jim Hill writes:
    Walt Disney Pictures is reportedly toying with the idea of producing a second trio of "Pirates of the Caribbean" films. With the first installment of this next trilogy possibly debuting in theaters as soon as 2010.
    But according to my sources at Disney Studios, this is just the tip of the miceberg ... er ... iceberg. I mean, how about those three new "Narnia" films that the Mouse is planning on making with Walden Media? Or that follow-up to "Enchanted" that Disney Feature Animation is allegedly already knocking around story ideas for. And even though "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" won't begin shooting 'til early next month, people in Burbank are already looking ahead toward "National Treasure 3" and "National Treasure 4."
    Walt Disney Pictures, in conjunction with Jerry Bruckheimer Films, is now gearing up to put a "Prince of Persia" movie into production.
    [Franchise] is also the thinking behind Disney's recent re-acquisition of the movie rights to Edgar Rice Burrough's "John Carter of Mars" series. With the hope that -- if this project is properly developed for the screen -- the 11 books in this series could then lend themselves to a hugely popular set of motion pictures.
    You can read the full article on franchise crazy Hollywood here.

    I you go to that last link, in the full article it says that they are planning to release Narnia 3: Voyage of the Dawn Treader during the holiday season in 2009.

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    Re: National Treasure 3 & 4 on the way (and other Disney movie news)

    I like treasure hunting movies so i'm looking forward to National Treasure 2, 3, & 4.

    It's funny the article didn't mention a sequel to The Haunted Mansion...

    Ok, I didn't mind the first Haunted Mansion and a sequel could be promising if done correctly. How about a second movie based on Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris?


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      Re: National Treasure 3 & 4 on the way (and other Disney movie news)



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