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Largest Job Search Engine In The World


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  • Largest Job Search Engine In The World

    Hey people,

    I have come across a website called Hound( )which is an online job search engine. it has the largest collection of jobs under one single platform. This is the stop for anyone seeking a job.

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    Re: Largest Job Search Engine In The World

    Recommendation might carry more weight if you'd participated in the community first, but to your credit, at least you put it in the right forum.

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      Re: Largest Job Search Engine In The World

      Results of a quick test for the specific application I work with as well as a more generic search:

      Hound 0,10
      Monster 4, 137
      Dice 0,74
      CareerBuilder 2, 82

      But guess what?!?!? One of the hound positions is for the Walt Disney Company! I may actually be interested and qualified for this position. I wonder if they have any special 'Disney' perks. It would be with Disney Mobile in Seattle.
      Maybe you folks can tell me though. Does gettin' two womenfolk mean you're the winner or the loser?
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        Re: Largest Job Search Engine In The World

        I'm involved in HR and wasn't terribly impressed with the site compared to some of the others I have worked with.

        I hope you'll post about different things on this board besides your business.
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          Re: Largest Job Search Engine In The World
          • Hi, is for any job opening and bring it to you in milliseconds from anywhere in the world. Through simple user interface, you can fish out thousands of jobs powered by highly sophisticated search engine. Learn the power of a single click. Visit now!


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