Ok, well, I didn't want to knock off Datameister's thread too much, so I'll keep it short and simple. After seeing his work, and picking up Blender for the first time in my life, I'm trying to recreate (at least parts of) DCA. Where have I started? Soarin', as that's my favorite ride/area of DCA. So... No garruntees as to how well this will come out, and it's fully just for person pleasure, but... Here's what we got!

Yes, I know some major pieces are missing. This is actually a rather out of date image, but you get the idea. I'm toying with the thought of doing the insides, as well...

Anyway, if you have data for me to use toward Soarin', or DCA in general, I'd be VERY happy to see it!


EDIT: And I make no claim to high accuracy! This is fully modelled under the "feels good" measurement system! :lol: