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Spooky House in Chatsworth: Aaliyah's Harvest Festival


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  • Spooky House in Chatsworth: Aaliyah's Harvest Festival

    I know some folks are discussing various "haunted" venues throughout SoCal to visit this Halloween season. One of the available "haunts" is Spooky House in Chatsworth. My friend is coordinating a fundraiser involving Spooky House, and she sent me the following email:

    This is a Fund Raising Event for a family in Northridge whose daughter was born 80% brain dead due to complications during her delivery. The doctors did not expect the baby to live through the night...but she did. They did not expect her to live when they unhooked life support...but she did. They didn't expect her to live for more than a few days...but she did. Aaliyah Elise Alvarez is now over a year old and she is fighting everyday!

    Her parents Ovy & Claudia are doing everything in their power to give Aaliyah all the care and therapy she desperately needs! There is one type of therapy using treatments in an Oxygen Chamber. It is not approved by the FDA and is not covered by insurance. It costs about 10,000 for 40 treatments. They met with families who have used this therapy with very positive results for their kids who had similar afflictions. One little girl they met is now 12 years old and is walking, talking and defying all that was thought possible by her doctors. This gives Aaliyah's parents great hope...but one thing stands in her way of this treatment. They cannot afford it.
    It's time for us to dig deep and support a great cause...everyday we have a chance to make a difference, it's weather or not we choose to do so that matters!
    Please come to Aaliyah's Harvest Festival on Saturday, Oct 13th, any time between 12 noon - 4pm located at SpookyHouseTheme Park in Chatsworth!
    Please go to the link below and follow the printing instructions.
    If you'd like to help, please forward this to everyone you know in the "LA" area and if you are available I'd love to see you there...thank you!
    With all my heart!
    ~Haydee Cuervo
    So I'm passing it along. If you'd like to get frightened for a good cause, please consider printing up the form and going to Spooky House on the afternoon of the 13th. Thanks!

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