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Need$4APs? Become a court reporter at SCC in Orange near Disneyland!


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  • Need$4APs? Become a court reporter at SCC in Orange near Disneyland!

    Howdy, fellow Micechatters!

    Would you like to be able to more easily afford Disneyland APs, a Disney Cruise, or trips to Walt Disney World?
    Consider court reporting. The best court reporting school in California is South Coast College in Orange, southeast of Disneyland.
    Here's a link:
    and here's another:
    Or feel free to call me, Tom Sinsky (AKA in Micechat as Jcruise86) at SCC at 714-867-5009 x102.
    I'd love to have you stop by for a tour. (I am a former Jungle Cruise guide, so my tours are pretty awesome.)

    SCC has been training court reporters since 1961, and all of our classes are held at our one friendly location in Orange. It's not easy to become a court reporter and typically takes 2-3 years of hard work, but some earn over 90K a year, and it can allow one to have a flexible schedule, which fits in well if you need more time for things like parenting. Court reporters attend interesting trials and (working at home in pajamas!) can transcribe the news and sporting events, providing closed captioning that goes out from a CR's living room to homes all over. One SCC grad's small company covered the Oscars, and another transcribed one of President Bill Clinton's State of the Union addresses. (Off of our SCC lobby we have a photo of him seated in front of of the president, before Congress and the Supreme Court.)

    Our school also trains Paralegals, Legal Administrative Assistants, and Medical Assistants.

    See ya real soon! (I hope!)
    Tom Sinsky
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    Just in case you don't win Saturday's $800,000,000 Powerball, you could still have a steady, high income as a court reporter. We at South Coast College in Orange (about 3 miles from Disneyland) produce more court reporters than any school in California. See post above and please call me (Tom Sinsky) if you or anyone you know might be interested. Have a nice weekend!


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