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The Hall of Presidents should include Trump, BUT not have him speak.

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  • The Hall of Presidents should include Trump, BUT not have him speak.

    I went to WDW every summer from 1972 through 1982, and I remember for years after Watergate, a few audience members would hiss when Nixon was introduced. It was a little bit funny, but I think a speech by Donald Trump is not advisable.

    This outstanding attraction should include & introduce every president, but having the extremely controversial President Trump speak as other recent presidents have done would, in my opinion, be too disruptive. Of course, to those who detested President Obama this would be unfair, but for at least a year I'd just like to see the other Presidents introduced, then hear Lincoln, and maybe a few words from Washington & both Roosevelts, in other words the Mt. Rushmore Presidents.

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    I think this is a terrible idea. The whole thing for me is about the sitting President speaking in front of all the ones who have came before, all on one stage. I didn't like W. and I think he was a terrible speaker, but he still deserved his time in the HoP spotlight.

    I really don't think the AA Trump @ HoP is going to cause much of a stir beyond what's normally expected during a transition.

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      ...except about 3/4 of the things he states are X rated and qualify as hate speech. Reffer to my idea about sending this attraction to Yesterworld to solve this.


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        Not very Disney.

        Actually, it would be a great subject of study in the field of Public Relations how Disney gets around this.
        Donald Trump was elected president last night. The reaction to that news today has not been good. Especially for people of color and women, Day 1 was all about the increased likelihood that they will…


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          Political back and forth is not encouraged on the open boards due to propensity for things elevating quickly - keep it family friendly and non-argumentative has always been MiceChat forum policy, and that is expected here.
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            Originally posted by RegionsBeyond View Post
            Political back and forth is not encouraged on the open boards due to propensity for things elevating quickly - keep it family friendly and non-argumentative has always been MiceChat forum policy, and that is expected here.
            Political back and forth is not encouraged in Disney attractions due to propensity for things elevating quickly - keep it family friendly has always been Disney's policy.

            I am just worried.


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              I know it's tradition to do a piece of the current president's speech, and no matter whether you think the current president is the best we've ever had, the worst we've ever had, or somewhere in between, they can always find a piece of tape from a decent speech that a president has given at some point to use in the HoP. However, given how decisive politics have become, I can see shows where half the audience immediately starts booing when the current president speaks, and half starts cheering, regardless of which speech they use. So I think it would be smart on Disney's part to maybe stick to more classically loved presidents like Washington, Lincoln, JFK, etc.
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                Thread DOA.
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                  Dose Of Advise? Yeah


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                    another concern: Morgan Freeman will probably want nothing to do with the attraction anymore. I suggest Microsoft Sam as the new narrator.


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                      I voted, and I did not vote for Clinton or Trump. I live in Nevada, and I voted for "None of these candidates." I am only providing that information because I want to make sure that it does not appear that I am defending Trump.

                      The election was fair. That is a fact. Trump won because of the way we handle presidential elections. That is a fact, good or bad. If we don't like it, we need to change the system.

                      The Hall of Presidents showcases all of the Presidents of the USA. Trump is number 45, good or bad. He has earned a place on that stage. He should be given the same opportunity that every new president has been given; and he should rise to speak, just as his predecessors have.

                      I personally liked Obama, but I know millions of visitors to the HoP could not stand hearing Obama speak. I have visited the attraction several times, and not once have I heard anyone say anything derogatory. In fact, when Obama speaks, the audience is silent.

                      The HoP showcases history. That needs to continue, regardless of our opinions of it.


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                        They have the sitting president read a speech specifically for the attraction and record that, then use it for the speech. They are NOT going to be having anyone say anything controversial or upsetting in the attraction. That's not how it works. They don't even have to go back through other speeches- it's an all new one created just for HoP.

                        Let's face it- politics are divisive and not everyone is going to like the current president. Many of us won't, and that's been true of the last couple of presidents as well. That's ok. It's part of being president. We'll deal with it and move on. That's part of growing up- learning that things don't always go the way you'd like. You can handle it like an adult, or like an immature child who throws a tantrum. I know which I would suggest.


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                          Agreed. The main thing is to be mature and remember that Walt Disney World is a FAMILY PLACE, and people - regardless of their political affiliation - are there to have a good time. They already have Republicans and Democrats represented so already a large segment of the population is going to not like some of the more current presidents represented. Being in the South, I bet many people aren't too happy to even have Lincoln speaking, but that's just the way it is. If you're unhappy about it, then bite your tongue and keep it to yourself. If you feel the need to "protest" in some way, make it productive and write a strongly worded letter to the company, or just don't go in the show.

                          I, for one, am glad that my next trip to Walt Disney World will be at least one or two presidents down the line. I hope the next commanders in chief are less controversial.

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                            While you may not respect the man, you respect the office. They aren't going to have any speech that can be considered divisive or hateful. If you've watched any of his speeches since receiving the honor of being the next President, Trump has toned it down and really spoken well.

                            Coming from a person that voted against both major parties in Florida, so far I'm impressed with how he's behaved since getting the nomination.
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                              They should have him speak. Disney shouldn't play politics here.

                              i just won't go see the show.