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Abigail Disney Discusses Disneyland before Congress


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  • Abigail Disney Discusses Disneyland before Congress

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    Evidently, Abigail Disney's ideas about Disneyland's policies are not worthy of the "Disneyland" forum on MiceChat.


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      She is one SMART lady!!

      I agree with just about every point she made......too bad it'll never become reality. Sadly, greed will win....every time.


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        Originally posted by PragmaticIdealist View Post
        Evidently, Abigail Disney's ideas about Disneyland's policies are not worthy of the "Disneyland" forum on MiceChat.
        This was moved to the debate lounge because anything relating to politics (Congress) is not allowed in the general forums.
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          The other forum on this was closed. I think I may have been accused of being right-wing for the first time in many years.

          So here is the post I wanted to post there on this subject:

          Originally posted by TacAlert View Post
          Interesting in Googling Abigail Disney's net worth, she claims $120 million. Why doesn't she donate some of this to the employees who are getting their food out of trash cans.
          I also wondered if she got to know these impoverished CMs & then gave them each 25K to help them out. I'm very much in favor of Iger making just 30xs what the lowest paid, full-time American CMs earn, but Abbie is not the best messenger. In the past she said that rich people should pay more in taxes, but in her case this is not very admirable. It's like "People like me should contribute more, but I'll only do it if a gun is put to my head and everyone in my situation is forced to." Rich people can voluntarily pay more in taxes if they choose. Articles have been published on how to do this.

          ALSO, I remember how she jumped in on Meryl Streep's side when Streep (yes, the greatest film actor in America history), ignorantly attacked Walt Disney.
          I loved Jim Korkis' two part reply to the Streeps & Abigail Disneys of the world, but I wasn't unable to share links to his excellent articles/editorials (maybe because they were published on rival Mouseplanet) and I couldn't share the text of the articles.
          But you should be able to easily find them on Google by searching "Debunking Meryl Streep Jim Korkis."
          Note: there is a Part One and a Part Two.

          So she's a rich, Walt-bashing hypocrite, but she is right that CM's should earn more & that Iger doesn't need to be compensated so outrageously. Warren Buffet also argues that corporate executives don't need to be compensated so heavily. (But don't get me started on him.)