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TRUMP....Or, How Insane (or Great) is our President?


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  • Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post
    On this D-Day 2019, draft dodger Donald Trump sat for a Fox News interview in front of the graves of thousands of American and Allied soldiers, and called decorated Vietnam War veteran Robert Mueller "a fool."

    In a New York Times piece titled "The Donald Thinks D-Day Is About Him," Robert Cohen wrote:

    How small he is! Small in spirit, in valor, in dignity, in statecraft, this American president who knows nothing of history and cares still less and now bestrides Europe with his family in tow like some tin-pot dictator with a terrified entourage.

    To have Donald Trump — the bone-spur evader of the Vietnam draft, the coddler of autocrats, the would-be destroyer of the European Union, the pay-up-now denigrator of NATO, the apologist for the white supremacists of Charlottesville — commemorate the boys from Kansas City and St. Paul who gave their lives for freedom is to understand the word impostor. You can’t make a sculpture from rotten wood.
    Here's another eloquent editorial about Donald Trump. I read it and thought, "Mr. W. might appreciate this."


    • The complete and utter lack of Empathy that comes from that entire family is sickening. Awkwardly holding a baby who survived a mass shooting, losing his mother- and putting out a "Thumbs Up" while his idiot wife smiles and poses is sickening.

      DISNEYLAND: Greatest Man-Made Place On Earth :thumbup:

      YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK: Greatest *GOD-Made Place On Earth :thumbup: