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Things that aren't here anymore


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  • Things that aren't here anymore

    Or, things that aren't here anymore where you grew up.

    Was watching an old special made in the late 80's by Ralph Story, about places that aren't in the LA area anymore, and it was pretty cool.

    What things, places, events did you grow up with that aren't here anymore? Mine is a long list, but I'll start with a few.

    Busch Gardens Van Nuys. I grew up 2 blocks from here, and we as a family went quite often for a few hours every so often. I miss this place so much.

    The Factory of Nightmares. It was a special Halloween event put on by the local Jay Cee's at Devonshire Downs in Northridge (also not here anymore as it's partly Medtronic now, partly CSUN land). It was a great little haunt.

    Hughes Market, Lucky, Liquor Barn, Price Club, FedCo, FedMart, Two Guys, not to mention Bullocks, Robinsons, May Co., The Broadway, Orbachs department stores. All stores I grew up going to that were either taken over by other companies, or went out of business.

    Alphie's, Sambo's, Swenson's, House of Pies, to name just a few eateries that aren't here anymore. I know there's a few one-off's of Sambo's and House of Pies, but they aren't all over like they used to be.

    Santa Claus when he wasn't at a mall. There was a place in the Hughes parking lot near where I grew up that would always have Santa, with a bunch of reindeers in cages. It was always an event to go there for me to see Santa on a Saturday a few weeks before Christmas.

    Kinney's Shoe Store, Thom McAnn Shoe Store and all the other stand alone shoe stores that existed before malls. It was always such a big deal to go get new shoes before the start of the school year. G.A.S.S. shoes from Kinney's and Wallabees were THE it shoes to wear.

    The GM Plant in Van Nuys. It's where Camaro's and Firebirds were built, until the plant closed down in the mid 90's. Now it's a shopping complex. And the Uniroyal Tire Company off I-5 in I think Commerce. The facade is still there thank goodness, in all it's Assyrian Palace goodness. But behind it - an outlet mall.

    Down the freeway from Uniroyal was the soap factory that smelled like a bar of soap whenever you'd drive by it, day and night.

    Lockheed in Burbank. The hangars and offices where the U2, SR-71 and F-117 were all designed and built, aren't there anymore. All torn down.

    So what places from your childhood aren't here anymore?

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    Re: Things that aren't here anymore

    I live in Chicago.

    The grammar school that I went to has been torn down, and a new one was built close by, that doesn't even have the same name.

    The street car that used to go down Belmont Avenue isn't there anymore. We used to take it to Goldblatt's on Lincoln Avenue, and my mom would buy cookies for 29 cents a pound. No street car. No Goldblatt's and No 29 cents cookies. The Wieboldts that was down the street in the other direction isn't there either.

    The ice cream shop where I used to order peach sundaes isn't there on Clark and Diversey either. I sure loved the Nabisco Sugar Wafers that they put in the sundaes.

    When I was raising my kids, my husband used to take them to a comic book store on the corner of Belmont and Clark. I think there is a Dunkin Donuts there now.

    I also remember the Community Store. It used to be a good place to pick up bargain clothes for my boys when they were little.

    I visited River View park a lot when I was kid. It was an amusement park here in Chicago, and we would go on 2 cent day, and Charlie Weber Day. Charlie Weber was our local politician who would sponsor those events for the local families in his ward.

    There was a Swedish Cafeteria that had the best plate of yummy Swedish pancakes. I loved it when we would walk by and mom would go in, and let us all have our own plate of the yummy pancakes. It was a real treat.

    Then there was the Lake View Bowling Alley. My mom would give us all a dollar, and we could all bowl a game, and get a hot dog, and a drink. That bowling alley burned down in the middle of the winter, and thank goodness we wern't there when it happened.

    I could go on and on.

    Thanks for sparking great childhood memories.


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      Re: Things that aren't here anymore

      O-Nut, I remember most of the things you mentioned.

      Busch Gardens, Factory of Nightmares, Swenson's.

      I also remember the SF Valley Fair when it used to be at Devonshire downs. The Waterslide that used to be in Northridge along with Malibu Grand Prix (Go-Karts).

      All of the old movie theatres that are now things like auto shops (the one that used to be on Roscoe and Topanga) or gone (Northridge).

      Numerous eateries like Pizza Pub, Naugles, Pup N' Taco.


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        Re: Things that aren't here anymore

        what about drive-ins???

        Originally Posted by Disney Wrassler
        Tassie, I found a quote for ya :lol:!

        "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."

        Charles M. Schulz
        Originally Posted by MWalton
        :lol: Did the pages take that long to reach around to your part of the world?!? :lol:


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          Re: Things that aren't here anymore

          O-Nut I liked Lucky's. They had the best Chocolate marshmellow ice cream
          Katie :yea:
          Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
          :sc: FIGHT ON!!!!!!


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            Re: Things that aren't here anymore

            Originally posted by tassie View Post
            what about drive-ins???
            We still have one in our area.

            Places that are gone huh? here are a few from my area.

            Frederick and Nelson's
            The Wizards of the Coast Game Center with its arcade, store, Battletech simulators, lan center, and tabletop gaming. Not to forget the Dragon and Minotaur statues.
            Cliff's Comic World My local comicbook store. They went out of business around 7 years ago. Luckilly we still have a good one, but I miss this chain.
            The stores in Downtown Bremerton like JcPenney, Sears, Montgomery Ward, Bremers, and Place Two. Not to forget movie theaters like the Roxy and the Admiral (which does exist as a stage, but its not the same). They all died when the Kitsap Mall opened in Silverdale, WA twenty some years ago.
            Milts a donut store in Bremerton that was gone before i was born. My mom still talks about how great they were.


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              Re: Things that aren't here anymore

              My mom bought my first camera, a Nikon N2000, at the FedCo in Cerritos.

              I remember The Treasury (a department store), Zody's (another department store), Pioneer Chicken, Japanese Deer Park, Lion Country Safari and the small water park just north of the Anaheim Sheraton off of I-5.

              aashee pointed out to me the other day that I live right were the Cinerama Dome in Orange was. I forgot that existed until he brought it up.

              I remember the pastures that existed in Cerritos up until the mid 80's. It's now Cerritos Towne Center. That reminds me of the strawberry field where the Mickey and friends parking structure now stands.

              I also remember the Alpha Beta grocery stores. It's not surprising they are no longer in business since they were always the highest on those shopping comparison commercials that were ubiquitous in the 80's.

              Thinking of all these business that no longer exist reminds me of an observation I made a few years ago. America is becoming increasingly homogenized. In the past each region had its own unique brands when it came to retail shopping. Now regional outlets such as Builder's Emporium and National Lumber have been replaced with national chains such as Lowe's and Home Depot. Adray's and The Good Guys could not compete with Circuit City and Best Buy. It's funny, I had never even heard of Wal-Mart until 1987.

              Thanks for the brief trip down memory lane.


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                Re: Things that aren't here anymore

                Farrell's (?sp) ice cream parlor. Loved that place! They would bring out the Zoo (it had 24 scoops of ice cream or some ridiculous amount like that) on a stretcher and run it up and down the restaurant while they set off a siren. They had a pig trough of ice cream that my brother finished one time. He got a certificate that said, "I made a pig of myself at Farrell's". The menus had a 1900s theme to them. We always wanted to go there for our birthdays.

                That is what sticks out the most in my mind.

                ETA: I did a google search and found this website: I didn't realize it started in Portland. Makes me even more sad that it is gone now.


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                  Re: Things that aren't here anymore

                  Marineland. Re: Busch Gardens - I don't actually remember going there, but there are family photos that I'm in. I know my parents liked it.

                  I miss shopping at Fedco and Gemco, oh, and J.J. Newberry's and getting ice cream at the counter.
                  She did it!


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                    Re: Things that aren't here anymore

                    Originally posted by tassie View Post
                    what about drive-ins???
                    Ha, at first I read this at "what about drive bys?" I was a bit concerned.

                    The one thing I miss here is kind of weird, but the Roller Rink.

                    That thing was around since the '70s and I attended quite a few birthday parties and even had a few of my own there. They would have games and such there, and on friday the 13th and halloween they had a little casket on wheels that you could lay in. Weird? Yes, but still cool.

                    It closed a few years ago and is now host to a really trashy club.

                    Its funny because once kids got to Junior High they outgrew it, but now as a college student I kind of wish it was still around, it'd be something different to do. All we have around here are movie theatres, a bowling alley and a frisbee golf course.
                    What an idiot....

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                      Re: Things that aren't here anymore

                      I grew up in LA in the 60's and 70's. A couple of places that I know are now gone are The Hot Dog Show (hot dog restaurant/stand) in Pacific Palisades and The Akron store ( I have a vague memory of this place, they seemed to have lots of different stuff). Talking about shoe stores, is Justers still in LA? I just remembered the Helms Bakery truck, that used to come thru our neighborhood like the Ice Cream man.

                      12/18 TC DAY


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                        Re: Things that aren't here anymore

                        My hometown, Grand Rapids, MI, has changed a lot since I moved away almost 10 years ago.

                        My elementary school is now a church.

                        The roller rink I used to frequent has been torn down.

                        The mall I worked at my senior year of high school has been torn down (the K-Mart I worked at is still there, but the rest is now a Lowe's).

                        I know there's more but that's all I can think of right now.


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                          Re: Things that aren't here anymore

                          There aren't really from my childhood as I moved from where I was born and raised over 8 years ago, so this is kind of here and there.

                          Disney Store

                          the Backwards Racer at King's Island. It was my favorite.

                          Roller Rinks. We had one but it closed before I knew about it.

                          Santa arriving the day after Thanksgiving, instead of the day after Halloween.

                          Being able to buy Chinese food at the grocery store. I remember after my gym class sometimes, my mom and I would go to Bel-air nearby and get some chinese food to bring home.
                          Press today is so concerned with cool vs. not cool that they're starting to forget good vs. bad. I'm not sure I'll ever be "cool", but I will always tirelessly strive to be "great". - Josh Groban


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                            Re: Things that aren't here anymore

                            I grew up in Huntington Beach and I remember a lot of the things that were already discussed, like the Uniroyal plant, Swensens and Farrells. The other thing I liked at Farrells was the candy store in the front of them. That was heaven to me. As far as roller rinks, the one my sister and I used to go to was Skate Barn. It was near where Main Place is today. I also vaguely remember the Japanese Deer Park in Buena Park. They played authentic Japanese music, and you could pet and feed the deer. It had a lot more stuff, but that's the only thing I remember about it.
                            I'll probably think of more later.


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                              Re: Things that aren't here anymore

                              Rocketdyne in Canoga Park, where my dad was an aeronautical engineer for reliability in the 60's and 70's, is still there, barely. I think there's one main building out of many many many that are long gone, replaced by.... retail :botox:

                              I swear, if we don't get some "smart jobs" back to the region, we're ALL gonna be working for a retail business sooner than you think.


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