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Trader Joe's anyone?


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  • Trader Joe's anyone?

    My new place is literally aroudn the corner from Target, mervyn's, Long's Drugs and Trader Joe's. For years i have heard people RAVE about TJ's. So I was wondering who all shops there and what you recommend for a first time shopper to check out. What are the must haves???? TJ's is the closest "grocery" store to my house that i knwo of so far, so i'd like some ideas on what to buy and what to stay away from.
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    Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

    TJ's really is as good as people say. Their breads, snacky things, meat and cheeses are definitely worth a trip. The produce can be hit or miss but still worth a look.


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      Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

      As someone that worked there for over 10 years, I would suggest you go with what you like. There are a lot of tasty things there. Personally, it's worth going there for there prices. Especially milk, cheese, fresh meats, eggs, and energy bars. Oh and vitamins too. You just have to go and check it out. Lots of the frozen entrees are good as are the fruits and veggies. Lots of great things. But be careful on your first'll wind up buying lots of stuff and mostly things you didn't go there to get!
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        Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

        Terra Chips!! I love those!!


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          Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

          TJ's has great frozen foods too. Fresh and delicioso! The likker and wines and beers are great with a faboo selection at prices you can afford!


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            Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

            Victoria and I shop at TJ's often. It's more of a specialty and gourmet store than "regular" grocery store, so I don't think you'll find it quite right for most of your shopping needs, but there are certainly some good bargains to be had. Their selection of wines is very large and well-priced. Their house brand wines are very inexpensive and quite drinkable. Their selection of spirits is limited, but often priced lower than other places' sale prices. I find their meats to be a little pricey but always high quality. Again, limited selection. Lots and lots of cheeses! Their produce is always nice and often cheaper than a "regular" store. The frozen section leans toward specialty items but there are a lot of tempting things. You'll find lots of different and unusual food items that can add some interesting diversity to your meals. They also tend to lean towards "healthy" food items... though you'll also find plenty of sinful foods too!
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              Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

              They have great frozen items- already prepared stuff to just chuck in the stove or microwave and serve. They tend to be on the healthy side which is a plus. I am a fan of TJ, but I don't do my regualr grocery shopping there, as the selection is not as large and normal as your runof the mill grocery store. But definetly a great shop
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                Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

                Peanut butter filled pretzels.


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                  Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

                  Any thing from the fresh deli section, salads are yummy! Always take them for our picnic at the Hollywood Bowl.
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                    Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

                    I'm a huge fan of TJ's and shop there often. You can't really do all of your shopping there, but I probably buy 80% of my food there...

                    If you're a coffee drinker, they have great coffee at really good prices. They have a huge selection of breads. The prices and selection of cereals is good too. As Wolfy said, they have great pre-made salads that are yummy. There is also a big selection of dried fruits, nuts, and trail mixes all at good prices. Oh, and they have pretty flowers too


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                      Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

                      Are you kidding??? I live on Trader Joe's during the week. There is one just afew blocks from my work and I can eat the entire week for like less than $20.00.

                      My Favorite things besides everything.
                      -Candied Pecans
                      -Cookie Joys
                      -Pita Chips
                      -Baby Spinach Salad
                      -Country Italian Salad
                      -Classic Greek Salad
                      -Blue Corn Chips
                      -Cheese Enchialdas

                      mmmmmmmm Good eatin
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                        Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

                        I do 90% of my shopping at TJ's. What do you need? See if they have it and try it.

                        Really, the only things I don't buy are some cleaning products, Peets Coffee and cat food/litter. Everything else is pretty much available at TJ's.


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                          Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

                          Browse!!! You will find a cartload of stuff on your first trip.

                          Unfortunately, my absolute favorite thing at TJs are the chocholate alomond lacy cookies!! Last time I bought them, I ate the whole container myself!!!

                          BUt TJs is AWESOME!!


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                            Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

                            You will love Trader Joe's! Minus a few items that they don't carry, we do all of our grocery shopping at TJs. The kids love the snacks, the food is better quality than we can get at our local Ralphs/Albertsons/Stater Bros. We end up buying less junk food, which has helped Nathan and I both start losing weight.

                            I started a thread back in April about Trader Joe's. There are some good recommendations in there, with an especially good list from desertdweller.

                            The latest treat discovery are the Cinnamon & Sugar Pita Chips. Not quite churros, but pretty darn tasty.
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                              Re: Trader Joe's anyone?

                              We do almost ALL of our shopping there now. The only thing now that we don't buy there is milk.

                              The kids love all the cereals, and we go through about 8 boxes a week.

                              I love all their sauces, tapenades, spreads, anything in a jar, basically. It's all tasty! I've never bought jar mixes before, but now we love trying different combos.

                              I'm sure I posted in the other thread. But, seriously, other than a little $15 run to Albertson's here, and there, we do all our shopping there!

                              Have fun!!


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