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My kitty died


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  • My kitty died

    I had to put my cat to sleep today. He was 15 years old. It was probably one of the hardest things I've had to go through. Sometimes you just think of them as animals, until you realize how much of a companion they are. I was 10 years old when I got him, so I pretty much grew up with him. Everyone at the vet probably thought it was funny watching my dad and I walk out bawling our heads off. It's just weird, I feel like I've lost a family member.
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    Re: My kitty died

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that!!!
    Pets ARE part of the family..and I seriously doubt people were laughing at you while you and your dad were walking out of the vet!!
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      Re: My kitty died

      awwww. I'm sooo sorry. It's horrible to lose a pet. It's ok to grieve. We all do.
      I hope you feel better soon.
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        Re: My kitty died

        I am sorry for your loss. Having a cat for 15 years definitely makes him a member of the family.


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          Re: My kitty died

          Sorry Dan. It's never easy losing a pet.


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            Re: My kitty died

            it is definantly one of the sadder things in husband got his kitty when we was 3 months old and we had to put her to sleep a month before her 19th birthday...just know that you did what was best for her so she wouldnt' have to suffer, and that you loved her with all your heart

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              Re: My kitty died

              Oh, Shirt Buddy, I'm so sorry. :squeeze: Putting down a pet is a hard decision. 15 years is a great life for a cat.
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                Re: My kitty died

                Dan - in the last ten years we've lost three cats and a dog.

                There's an old saying that says something those that understand, no explanation is necessary. To those that don't, no explanation will suffice.

                I'm sure your vet has seen many, many people walk out of their office crying after doing something as courageous as what you had to do.

                The pain you're feeling is the pain I still feel for my beloved Shuggie, who died in my arms two years ago this month. Sometimes at night I look up to the stars and talk to her. I'm sure she's waiting for your cat with the welcoming committee at the "rainbow bridge".

                Thoughts and prayers, my friend.

                -- Barry
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                  Re: My kitty died

                  sending you tons of love and hugs!

                  Originally Posted by Disney Wrassler
                  Tassie, I found a quote for ya :lol:!

                  "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."

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                  :lol: Did the pages take that long to reach around to your part of the world?!? :lol:


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                    Re: My kitty died

                    I am very sorry for your loss.

                    Like someone said, there are pet people and non pet people, and only we pet people really understand the truth
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                      Re: My kitty died

                      :squeeze: A big hug for you! I can't imagine the day when I might have to put my cat to sleep. There will be a bright big beautiful tomorrow, though, and don't you forget it!


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                        Re: My kitty died

                        im sorry to hear about your cat. Im sure you gave that cat 15 years of love and memories. I hope u feel better soon!


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                          Re: My kitty died

                          sorry to hear bout your loss Dan.:squeeze:
                          Originally posted by aashee (Farter Extraordinair)
                          Wow. If regular MiceChatters saw this thread they might think we are normal. Thanks Dan & Gina!


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                            Re: My kitty died

                            I'm sorry on your loss--but I commend you on your courage. Your cat put it's life in your hands and you were responsible enough to help them until the very end.

                            I doubt the vet teased. They understand.

                            We all do.

                            Yes, it is a family member. How many of life's pivotal moments was the feline around in the last fifteen years? That makes them part of what makes your family special.

                            Peace to you, dude.
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                              Re: My kitty died

                              Sorry for your loss. We just lost one of our dogs a couple of months ago, and believe me... I understand what a hole it leaves in your heart and in your home. After so many years, they become much more than just a pet or companion. They are an extension of ourself and our soul, and its a loss you will feel for a while. Hold on to the happy memories, and know that time will pass and the pain will ease, but the wonderful memories of the time you shared will be with you forever.

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