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TDI's CP CM Report


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  • TDI's CP CM Report

    Okay, so I meant to write this sooner, but I'm in Disney World... so enough said. Everything is going well here in Florida, so I thought I'd write this thread as a report of sorts of my CP experience along with some random comments here and there (didn't want to clog the CP thread).

    PART I

    The Drive
    I drove down to Florida from New York with my brother (he took a plane back up). 19 Hours pretty much on the same road sounds like a lot of fun, right? Wrong. It actually wasn't that bad. Luckily we hit no traffic (except for the very end of the LIE). The first few states went by pretty fast (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and DC). Right around Virginia we got pulled over for speeding, but its all good (we weren't going that fast). North Carolina is always fun if only for seeing the South of the Border signs. Then of course there is South Carolina... which no offense to people who live there..... is pretty boring except for the very begining (South of the Border) and the end (all the Palm Trees on the Georgia borderline). At the begining of Georgia we got breakfast at Cracker Barrel (such a great place). I chose to sleep through Georgia because I honestly can't stand the state (I-95 wise at least).

    Then of course we get down into the Sunshine State and its only a little bit left. We eventually got to Knights Inn (not without getting a bit lost of course). It's a nice hotel for the $40 it cost (nothing extravagant, but good for its purpose).

    Since we still had leftover APs, we decided to go to one of the parks last night, so we drove over to the Studios (this my friends would be called Foreshadowing). After some dinner at the Commissary, we decided to hit up Toy Story Mania. First let me say the whole Pixar Place area is great. They really went all out on it. And the queue to TSM was fantastic. I'm so glad that since the ride area itself can only be so themed, they decked out the rest of the queue in so much theming. All the eye candy there is fantastic and well worth the Stand-by wait. Mr Potato Head is cool, but it would have been much better if he was more interactive. The actual ride is so much fun. And it can be so tiring if you get really competitive. Overall, I think TSM is a solid replacement for WWTBAMPI and I do like how the park is restraining Pixar to that one area (Pizza Plan, Toy Barn, etc). I believe we did Tower & RnRC followed by of course Fantasmic.

    Check In
    Check in was longer than it needed to be with about 20 stations to go though, but overall everything went well. I got to choose the apartment options (since I got there before my roommate). Of course I said Chatham without even thinking. They even specifically asked if I wanted Patterson, but I said no. I also picked 3 bedroom apartment (cheaper than 1 & 2 bedrooms but easier to manage than 4).

    The Room(/mates)
    I am so happy I picked Chatham. Vista Way really is sleazy and there is just too much construction going on at Patterson. I got the building right across from the entrance, so it is really convenient for the clubhouse, mail room, laundry room and just general living. But the thing I was really surprised about was that there was one bathroom in each bedroom. All the bedrooms are slightly different however. Bedroom 3 has two doors for the bathroom (one in the room and one in the hallway). Bedroom 2 (mine) has the closet in the bathroom. Bedroom 1 also has just one door to the bathroom but also has the closet separate from it. Everything else about the apartment is nice. I also have to say that I got really lucky with having great roommates. And it's almost as if I have 11 roommates as our room and the room right below us are such good friends.

    The Job
    Okay, so I got the Studios which made me so happy. I really did not want Magic Kingdom because of its hours and I just think DHS is the best place to work (backstage isn't that much different than onstage there, so that's an added benefit). The role I got was parking. Now I'm not going to lie and say I was thrilled about that. At first I really was disappointed. But as it turned out, I really do love the role. Everyone I work with is so nice, the job is very fun (especially when I'm on the tram). The hours are great, we get plenty of breaks and I love how (relatively) cheap the cafeteria there is.

    Upcoming: Class, Patterson Court, Living Experience, Park Changes, More
    “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney

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    Re: TDI's CP CM Report

    Great report so far! Yay for the Studios! :yea:

    So, other than being on the tram, what other stuff does parking get to do?
    These are the games that never end.


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      Re: TDI's CP CM Report

      Right there with you on Georgia and I-95. I lived there for a year and a half, and it was not for me.

      I'm so glad you're enjoying your program! Happy to hear about its auspicious beginnings!
      They are the Disney Princesses and their goal is world domination. -Mary McNamara | LA Times / AP

      Fall 2004: Fantasyland Attractions


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        Re: TDI's CP CM Report

        Thanks for the great insight into this program. When we did a drive from NY to Florida, we took the Auto Train, one of the reasons was to avoid driving in the southern states.

        Good luck on the job and don't forget the sunblock!


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          Re: TDI's CP CM Report

          Originally posted by Ward View Post
          So, other than being on the tram, what other stuff does parking get to do?
          Well, there are 3 parts to Parking. There's Backstage Parking (which is only done once a month or so), Auto Plaza/Tollbooths (which I am being trained in now) and regular Parking (Tram Drivers, Tram Spielers, Point Person at Satellite Entrance, Bus/Medical Point Person, Point Person directing people into appropriate parking lane and fielders which actually park the cars).
          “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney


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            Re: TDI's CP CM Report

            Great report so far! Class? Are you only taking one or will you take another in the fall? Are your roommates working the same hours/location as you? I can't wait to hear more from the every-busy TSI!


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              Re: TDI's CP CM Report

              Part II

              So I'm taking Marketing You over the summer term and it's pretty good. I go to class at Patterson for 4 hours every week. The class is pretty fun and pretty useful. For the fall term, I will have to take a class with my local community college and I may or may not take another Disney course.

              Patterson Court
              My group was the first to have the option of going to Patterson, but personally I am happy I didn't select it. First off, the construction is horrible right now. There are a handful of appartments open, a pool, a mail room, a laundry room and some classrooms and that is it. There is construction going on everywhere there and the complex doesn't even have its own bus stop. All Patterson residents have to go to the Chatham bus stop (and that is about a 5 minute walk).

              I would recommend to new CPers to not select Patterson right now until its all done, but that's just my opinion.

              Design-wise, if Vista Way is the 'downtown' and Chatham is the 'suburbs', Patterson would be the 'condos'. It has the same basic layout as Chatham with more rounded arches, a less classical design and much less suburban look (though that may be partially due to the construction).

              Living Experience
              Living in Chatham has been fun. Before this I think I've been to Walmart once, since being here I have been to Walmart at least twice a week. Now I'm not a fan of Walmart and I'd much rather shop at Target, but Walmart is simply closer, cheaper and more convenient. I haven't been to Publix yet, but I do hear it is more expensive. Also very convenient is church which happens to be right across the street (literally) from The Commons. Having the outlets right there is nice too.

              Now the one thing I just cannot stand about the area is the number of toll roads. There are just so many tolls. And of course being that I am only starting to learn the roads and the area, I've accidentally hit upon so many toll booths.

              Now on the other extreme, I am absolutely loving the lower gas prices in Florida (especially the Hess stations in WDW). Also nice is Point Orlando and its Imax screens (yes, I cannot wait now for TDK to come out).

              There are of course a few things I just can't figure out. One, why does the Shell station nearby charge 50-60 cents more than every other station in the area? Two, why do the buses always take the long way from Chatham to Vista? Speaking of, the buses here are really not good (so glad I have a car). They are often late, take overly long routes and do not come at the most convenient times. For instance, the E route (studios) First comes to Chatham (by passing The Commons), then doubles back to the Commons (never mind the fact that 90% of that complex works in Epcot) and then takes the long way to Vista. So if I started work at 3pm, I would have to take the 2:15 bus (arriving at 2:45). Now, assuming that bus could be 5 minutes late and I didn't want to have to run from the bus to the clock-in location, I would have to take the 1:45 bus. Yes, that is an hour and 15 minutes when I would be able to leave by 2:35 by car. So yes, I'm happy I have a car.

              Park Changes
              -Monsters Inc Laugh Floor
              I really like the new preshow video.

              -Haunted Mansion
              Great refurb! First let me say how nice it is to ride multiple times and here the complete audio every time. I love the 3D sound in the stretch room, the new stairs scene was about 100 times better than the plastic spiders, the new bride/attic scene is about 100 times better than the cheesy pop-up scene they used to have (thank goodness most of those popup ghosts are gone), the floating Leota is very cool and the entire ride as a whole is much better.

              -Spaceship Earth
              I have to say it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I'm very happy they toned the narration from what they originally had to make it sound more timeless. Still, Judi Dench is no Jeremy Irons and the script is no where near as timeless. Why did they feel to insert such lines as "unfortunately it also brang taxes too" into the script? The updated inital scenes were FANTASTIC (cavemen, ascent, greece, egypt, rome, etc, etc, etc). Loved the newer Audio Animatronics being used. Also loved the condensed theater scene and the new Dharma....ummmm.... I mean laboratory scene. The garage part and moonwalk part were also very nice. I was kind of disappointed with the matrix room. It was too short, the projections should have been all around you and I just think it could have been better. Now the descent I was very suprised with. I loved the initial portion with the blue lights. I'm not a fan of the random triangles, but I do like the interactive portion (I can see having a lot of fun with faces on the camera). Now as for the music, it's forgettable and boring. If only we could have Jermey Irons narration and music with the updated ride everything would be perfect.

              -O Canada
              HUGE improvement. Martin Short is very funny, the film is actually non-sleep-inducive and I like the new singer better.

              Haven't been inside yet, but I'm not a fan of the new graphic. A bit too Playskool for me.

              I know this isn't new.... but I still don't like the YoaMD narration. Why mess with perfection? And what irks me more than anything else is at the very end when the narrater says that one line that always makes me want to puke... "and may all your dreams come true."

              And yes, the show has become very out of sync which is quite sad. Once the fourth is over, they need to refurbish the globe, resync the show and go back to the old narration.

              -Yak and Yeti
              Haven't been there yet.

              -New Italy Restaurant
              See above

              Princess & Pirate Party
              That was really fun. They had so much going around thoughout the whole park (though I thought it was odd they didn't have more going around near Pirates of the Caribbean. My only disappointment was that they didn't have the party lights on Spaceship Earth on. But of course the two highlights of the evening were the parade and the fireworks.

              Honestly, I think this parade should replace Spectromagic as MK's nighttime parade (they can send Spectro to AK). The music was fantastic, the floats were all great and it was just a really good parade.

              But of course the main feature of the night and of course the only reason why I spent the money was the firework show. Now given past reviews and small film clips, I had high expectations for this show. And I can honestly say without a doubt... it easily surpassed all of them. Now while I still think story-wise and message-wise RoE is better, this show was quite easily the most awe-inspiring and chills-inducing firework show I have ever seen. From the beauty of the Princess part to the action of the Pirates portion to the absolute perfect timing of Tinkerbell (who was actually incorporated into the story) I just stood in awe. I mean they blew up the freakin' castle. I know it will never happen, but I would be just so happy if this show were to replace wishes. They don't even need the parimeters. As long as they have the blowing-up-the-castle scene and Tink rescuing the day... that is all they need.

              Star Wars Weekends
              Fun to visit, horrible to work. The whole thing is fun (especially the troopers on the main entrance in the morning), but the highlight again was the Hyperspace Hoopla. There were many parts the same and different from last year. Some similar (and still very fun) things were the group dance (with the Chewy Chill) and ending with the stormtrooper dancing. But much of the music this year was new. The stormtroopers got to do the Soulja Boy, Low and Please Don't Stop the Music (naturally they only took the clean parts from each of those songs). They also had Dancing with the Star Wars Stars (Vador won of course).

              New Fourth of July Show

              If anyone wishes to meet me at one of the parks one day just drop me a PM. I tend to have Wednesdays & Thursdays off with night shifts for most of the rest of the week. The only park I can't meet at is MK which I am blocked for the rest of the month. Never mind about that. I was misunderstanding the blackout dates. I am good to meet at any and all parks whenever.
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              “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney


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