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PTR: Wall-e at the El Capitan.


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  • PTR: Wall-e at the El Capitan.

    So I am a huge Pixar fan, and have been waiting for Wall-e ever since I saw the very first trailer in front of Ratatouille. Knowing this, my GF, being as amazing as she is, got us tickets to see it at the El Capitan on Opening NIght. What a girl. Oh, and she got us a hotel so we didn't have to make the 2.5 hour drive home after seeing the movie.

    So I start my TR with that. Bear with me here as it is long, but I'll try to make it entertaining.

    We reached our destination at about noon, with the intention of strolling along Hollywood blvd for a while. And I had only been there once when I was like ten (Im 21 now). I knew that they had quite a few famous buildings, but I didn't realize it was all so close together. For Example:


    Is right across the street from....


    The El Capitan was all decorated for Wall-e, which was awesome, with that giant blow up version of him sitting on top of the Marquee.

    Sense of scale. Plus its Will Smith and Wall-e, awesome.

    In front of the El Capitan they had guys on pogo-stick versions of stilts, and they were juggling, it was rather entertaining and I'd have loved to see one fall, but not get hurt of course.

    They were pretty cool.

    So for a while now, GF has had this thing with wanting to go to a Wax museum, and see it as how Hollywood has a very famous one, we decided that $17 dollars each to get into the Wax museum, and the one for the Guinness records, was too good to pass up, plus GF was happy and that really is what matters most.

    See happy....and pretty. Don't know what shes doin' with me.

    So what follows is some of the wax museum, and the Guinness world records museum, with my commentery of course.

    The outside....not so grandeur.

    Wiiilllsssooonnn....My Name is Voight dumba**

    We opt for the Horror chamber......

    ....Only to be forewarned.....

    But what they didnt tell us...........

    Its Anthony Hopkins Ruuuun!!!

    So the wax museum was fun, and eerie, but it was dark so it was rather tough to photograph.

    Across the street:

    Inside was cool

    Still a simulated 500+ pounds.

    I think we all know exactley who they are reffering too.....
    If that caption had you confused it's am I.

    It was a tough place to photograph, plus I am retarded and brought a lense that was too big for how close quarters the whole place was, but lesson learned.

    As we left to go back to the parking garage, see we had to go to the hotel, and drop our stuff off, and then change for dinner and the movie, but we couldn't leave without being reminded....

    No mention of DCA.

    That Ad was on top of Hollywood Blvd, directly across from the El Capitan.

    So I didn't bring my camera back to the theater, as I wanted to enjoy the film. But if you have never seen a movie there I highly reccommend it. Highly. And spend the money for the VIP balcony seats. Highly worth it.

    For my thoughts on Wall-e, I loved it. It was amazing, and beautiful. (Shameless plug alert) And my whole review is posted on my blog, which you can get to through my sig. And there are more Hollywood pics in my flickr.

    So thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it, I must say it was an extremely fun weekend. And I hope you guys loved Wall-e as much as I did.
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    Re: PTR: Wall-e at the El Capitan.

    Awesome report!

    And yes I cant tell you how much I loved WALL-E... easily one of the 10 best films Ive ever seen and Im a pretentious movie buff!


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      Re: PTR: Wall-e at the El Capitan.

      Thank you! Great TR


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        Re: PTR: Wall-e at the El Capitan.

        Thanks! That was a fun report.


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          Re: PTR: Wall-e at the El Capitan.

          Cute TR!


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            Re: PTR: Wall-e at the El Capitan.

            It's a nice theatre and it has that vintage look on the outside and inside. The last time I was there it was for the first Toy Story Movie and I received some movie cards. They looked like trading baseball cards. I still have them.

            Loved your pictures and it looked like you had a enjoyable time.


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