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Do You Type the Right Way?


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  • Do You Type the Right Way?

    How many of use here can type like a pro, and how many of us type like the keyboard is a puzzle...always searching for the right letter and having to redo the mistakes you made. My typing is...not too great. I did get some slight "training" for it freshman year in high school, but the class didn't focus too much on it. Right now I type with both hands, but only use a couple fingers. I'm faster than some, but I'm still not up to par. I use the backspace bar...enough, and I need to look at the keys.
    Yes, I can out-type anyone
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    Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

    i'm so much better than i used to be...with micechat & my mommy group, all i do now is type!!


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      Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

      I couldn't vote either way. I don't suck at it, but I'm not the greatest. I never learned how to type, but playing the piano since I was 5 years old has made it much easier. I usually have to look at the keyboard (sometimes not) in order to get the right buttons. And I tend to switch letter (I'm constantly writing smoetimes or adn), but that might be more of a dyslexia thing...
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        Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

        I won many a typing test back in jr. high many moons ago when they used to teach typing in SCHOOL on TYPEWRITERS. I think I won a Commodores record or something. Oh yeah, I rocked!
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          Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

          I'm BAAAAAD at it i more than suck...ole hunt n peck for me and i HAVE to look at the i wish i had showed up more than once for typing class in HS...showed up the first day and the last day LOL i was having more fun in Stoners corner/smoking area!!!


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            Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

            I am a um a....WHATEVER!!!

            :bang: Sorry, Mind in gutter :bang:
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              Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

              dude.. I suck at typing.. you and everyone knows that... just read my posts...


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                Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

                I had a year of typing in high school and a year of typing in college and for a while typed for a living doing transcription. There was a time when I could do about 65 WPM, but I'm out of practice and can't get anywhere near that now but I do pretty well. Now my spelling... thats another story. )

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                  Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

                  where is choice 3??? in the middle.. I am not a pro but I don't suck either.
                  But I do wish there was a spell check because I am a awful speller.
                  It's that darn dyslexia but I am great with a dictionary and my speaks.
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                    Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

                    I have my bad days and my good days. I like to play Typer Shark, it's much more fun than that old Mavis Beacon ever was. I don't hunt and peck but I do backspace more than I'd like to.
                    Keyboarding is a lot easier than old fashioned typing. I hated using all that whiteout!

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                      Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

                      My typo's are proof that I don't type the right way. But even still I can type 43 WPM
                      Katie :yea:
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                        Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

                        I'm getting better...I know my hand placement from Jr high classes, but my speed was never thanks to posting far to much in here I have goten faster and more accurate...I still look at the keys a lot but not all the time anymore...I can actualy do it without looking (sometimes)...a huge accomplishment for me.

                        but for the rest of you that look at the keyboard...doesn't that make MCLive so much more difficult...everytime I finished typing and look up the page has compleatly changed....ahhhh


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                          Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

                          i type the "ME" works...
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                            Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

                            I took typing in HS, but ticked off the teacher because I had to watch my fingers. Between working at a computer all day, having to read from a script as I type and frequenting chat rooms (which I don't do anymore) I can type pretty fast. I always have people wondering how I can type with my nails as long as they are, but I type faster with them than I do without them.

                            I still tend to watch my fingers, but no longer out of necessity, out of habit.

                            Hubby is what I call a "Hunt and Peckerhead" typist. When he is at the computer it drives me nuts to listen. I am hoping with the computer classes he just signed up for his typing will improve.


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                              Re: Do You Type the Right Way?

                              I'm at about 65 wpm. I tested at 60 also. I got an F in typing in HS, but writing and working as an editor really, really helped. Spelling also. I used to really suck at it, now I just suck a little...


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