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Day at the Alameda County Fair and a Car Show


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  • Day at the Alameda County Fair and a Car Show

    Even though it seems all my Trip Reports flop, I'm doing this one anyway because I feel like it.

    This year we decided to head to the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton on a weekday because of lack of free weekends and we hoped it wouldn't be as crowded.

    While the fair wasn't packed like it is on the weekends, it was far from the ghost town I was expecting.

    Of course this year both my dad and I entered the fair with hobby collections. My dad did American Graffiti (his favorite movie) and I did Dodge Vipers. He won 2nd with his and I won 3rd. I didn't take pictures of my display at the fair this year, it slipped my mind at the time.

    All the pictures can be found in their Flickr set

    When I'm not alone I tend to take fewer pictures, as I feel like I'm holding them up, this time I tried to avoid this and kept my camera in my hand to make me take more pictures.

    A few of the displays in the Young California building (all the 4H and younger entrants into the fair are here, except the hobby collections)

    Two of my loves in one, duct tape and a Dodge Super Bee. I couldn't believe there was actually a category for duct tape.

    There was quite a few embroidered aprons on display, this one caught my eye. I'm not sure if it was computer assisted or not.

    Going on a weekday meant the model railroad display was fairly empty, making it easy to take our time walking through and looking at everything, as well as taking pictures.

    The fun part of the model railroad is all the details they put into it, especially the ones that either don't quite fit or are just plain silly. It's fun to spot them.

    It was difficult capturing a lot of it. Low light + glass + tiny tiny things = some blurry pictures. Of course I won't post the really blurry ones, as per Olympicnut's thread on trip reports.

    Once I spotted the mini car show, I had to take a picture of it. Since I go to so many, why not capture the smallest car show ever to grace Pleasanton.

    The tiny porta potties really made this campground that more realistic.

    This couple got a little too involved at the train depot

    One sight you don't want to see while in the outhouse: a bear peeking in!

    After the trains it was off to the pig races. You'd think it would be easy to take pictures of racing pigs, they don't go that fast, right? Nope. Those little bacons fly around the track. You would to if you got oreos and ice cream.

    Here number 7 takes the lead in the first race

    I don't think he managed to jump and just plowed through the hurdle to knock it over.

    I don't know how I managed to actually catch them midair, but I did.

    Next was the art and photography section and the gardens

    The best part about this sign is the fact you will be banished from all the fairgrounds, I wonder how they manage that.

    And I got "artistic" in the gardens

    A faucet in the grass.

    Low and "aim and pray" pictures have become a sort of trademark for me, though I usually do it for car bumpers, I adapted the technique to a pathway.

    My mom took this picture with my camera, she's still got an eye.

    So I attempt a similar picture

    I liked how the light turned out on this picture

    I had the camera on program mode and because of the low light it used a slower shutter speed, so it the waterfall came out really cool.

    This I used manual to slow down the shutter. I like waterfalls when they come out like this

    I kind of wish I took the time to focus on the path behind the plants rather then have the camera auto focus.

    That's it for the good fair pictures. I meant to go into the carnival area to take pictures too, but by the end of the day I was pooped and everyone was ready to leave.

    Plus we were going to a small car show in Concord at the Farmer's Market.

    I'll save the car show for the next post.

    Before that though, when we parked in the parking garage near Todos Santos Plaza my mom pointed out the steeple on the First Presbyterian Church of Concord. Apparently my grandfather had constructed the steeple for them in his shop, out of copper.

    Coming soon: the car show pictures

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    Re: Day at the Alameda County Fair and a Car Show

    I loved the yellow flower! Also, how much fun are pig races!!???
    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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      Re: Day at the Alameda County Fair and a Car Show

      :lol: I love that! Thanks for sharing; this picture especially made me smile for obvious reasons. )
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      'Cause I'm just trying to be happy." ♥



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        Re: Day at the Alameda County Fair and a Car Show

        I love fairs!!! I miss being close to anywhere that has real fairs!!

        Great shots so far!

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          Re: Day at the Alameda County Fair and a Car Show

          So after the fair we stopped at a small car show that was going on at the Concord Farmer's Market. It might not have been the best idea, as the park was packed because of the holiday weekend. But it was a nice little car show and a nice way to end the day.

          Car pictures could be said to be my "speciality" only because I take so many (90% of my 3000 pictures on flickr are of cars), though I'm not really happy with some of these shots. The amount of people plus the way the cars were parked made pictures difficult and closeups near impossible. But I still tried.

          The entire set of pictures can be found on Flickr

          A 1969 Chevy Camaro SS. This shot was framed the best, even though it's not one of my favorite cars, it still looks good.

          1956 Ford Thunderbird, my favorite year Thunderbird, a classic little car

          The grille really lends itself to being photographed.

          '65 Chevelle, the rims ruin this car for me.

          There was 3 Ramblers at this show, the most I've ever seen in one spot. Two '59s like this one (the other is next to it, in less than perfect condition) and the other was a '53. Nash's cars were really unique pieces.

          The camera + lightning really aren't doing this '66 Mustang justice. It was a beautiful baby blue color.

          I don't think I've ever seen one of these, a '65 Ford Falcon Squire. I see plenty of Falcons but never the wagon variety.

          This is one of my all-time favorite cars. I wasn't huge on muscle cars until I started seeing more and '70 Chevelle SS is just a beautiful one.

          A '68 Olds 442, one of the earlier years. This picture you can tell I wasn't being patient. Usually I wait for people to get completely out of the frame, but too many people just kept on coming, that I gave up and dealt with them in the shot.

          Not many '46 Mercs out there. The paintjob on this one was perfect. Though I still prefer the '49-'51 era.

          I'm sure this Willys was fast with its huge engine.

          Mickey and Minnie were happily cruising in this chopped Ford. Also that's my dad's head in the back. He was looking at this mural:

          Here's the other Rambler, '53 Nash Rambler Country Coupe. A beautiful car. It also offered my only opportunity for a hood ornament shot.

          I love hood ornaments

          My dad was into this car, a '72 AMC Matador made as a replica of the Concord Police cars. My dad remembered seeing them in the neighborhood, driven by the sergeants. He talked to the owner a bit, the guy was really into his car, which was nice to see. I love the old police cars. Wish this picture came out better

          Another victim of the bad lightning hiding the color. This GMC truck was a great purple with sparkle flack embedded in the paint.

          The hi-boy style looks great on roadsters like this.

          But the coupe isn't as great. I mean it's okay, but the roadster just looks better. Maybe because I'm more used to seeing roadsters in the hi-boy style and coupe still somewhat stock in their wheel area. Though the green wheels on this were neat.

          It isn't a car show without a lowrider, especially a '66 Impala lowrider.

          This little '31 panel was neat, though I wish the hood sides were down, or only one was up. I understand showing off your engine, but some cars having the hood up ruins the car's style

          Another rarity, a '56 Chevy Bel Air convertible. I don't think many of these have survived. They are nice looking car with great interiors.

          You don't see dashes like these anymore.

          After he show we spent about 30-40 minutes trying to get out of the parking garage, as the idiots were out in full force in a small enclosed space. Once we were out we headed to our favorite Chinese buffet for dinner and had a great meal.

          That's all for the report, hope it wasn't too boring and if it was, oh well. I had fun writing it and actually experiencing it


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            Re: Day at the Alameda County Fair and a Car Show

            Good report, and always post cool cars. Here's one of my cool cars.

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              Re: Day at the Alameda County Fair and a Car Show

              Thanks for the pics, those are some sweet rides. Great report as always.
              As nice as the other parks are, we must always remember that it all began at Disneyland. Disneyland should be the crown jewel in the Disney crown.


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