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My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

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  • My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

    Now I knew what Comic Con's were all about, but never really ventured out to attend one. This year it seemed a lot of my friends and family were going so I figured why not go. Originally my sister, her friend and myself were going to be there on Saturday but plans changed a lot before the event and I ended up being on my own for Saturday. It was a good thing since my sister ended up going on Thursday and got stuck on that I-5 mess. Plus I'd meet up with thrax at the Comic Con on Saturday so I wouldn't truly be on my own all day.

    Overall, for my first Comic Con I had so much fun and plan on being there for more then one day next year. I was very excited to go so I got up at 4am on Saturday morning to get ready and leave with plenty of time to pick up my badge and settle into my surroundings.

    After much thinking about where I would park I decided on heading to Qualcomm Stadium where there truly was PLENTY of parking (and it was free), yet I did pay $5 for the day pass on the trolley but I enjoyed the ride down to the Convention Center.

    Finally I was at the Convention Center and look forward to the goodness that it held inside!

    Now, I had looked at the schedule before hand and went as far as creating a timeline of what I wanted to see and where on an Excel sheet! Yet, when I got there it went all to hell and I ended up spending the whole day at the Exhibit floor. It was fun encountering so many characters and looking at all the stuff. That's when I decided that I need to go for more then one day to take it all in, but I had lots of fun for one day!!!

    This made me laugh! :lol:

    For those looking to complete their Predator collection, here's a nice replica.

    Buy me!!!

    Iron MEN!!

    Mickey and Minnie

    Cute Homer!

    Ghost Rider and Wonder Woman - statues I can actually afford!!!

    The Transformers seek revenge in 2009.

    Jabba the Hut. I would have a taken a full "body" picture, but people kept getting in the shot.

    Lego Batman and Robin

    I'll stop here for now, but I'll continue a bit later with some character pics!

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    Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

    :clap: Awesome Liz!!! Someday I'd love to go... but for now I'll enjoy any pics and comments you have!

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      Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

      You should try and make it to one day at least Pengy. It is a bit overwhelming at first, but so much fun!!!


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        Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

        gr8 pics Liz! Hubster is soooooo green w/ envy. I think next year I might have to schedule a DL trip that coincides w/ comiccon.

        is it all exhibits or is there plenty of retail therapy opportunity? was it crowded? (I'm harkening back to the only experience I know might be similar, boat and home shows)
        Just countin' the days til the next visit!


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          Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

          Yes, there are plenty of things to go and buy there, and it was VERY crowded!!! Yet, it wasn't too bad as there was a lot to see and do.

          The only area that got really crowded was the Warner Bros. area because they brought out a lot of people for signings (Terminator, Chuck, Pushing Daisies ...), plus they were giving out some free bags which you could fit a small child in that were very popular.

          I'd say it would be great to go on more then one day, so it gives you time to look around and shop. Plus, being in San Diego when there's lots of other things to see and do in the area.


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            Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

            Great report so far Liz! :thumbup:

            I know someone that went on Thursday and said that it was chaos. Next year I am thinking of going for 2 days also.

            I am glad that you had a great time.


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              Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

              Now for more a bit more stuff and characters!

              My main two objectives were to see Jim Balent and whatever Watchmen stuff they had available. I'm glad to say I reached both!!!

              The interior of the vehicle used by the Watchmen. I didn't get any pictures of the outside though, but it looked great!

              I also saw a whole NBC diorama that is up for sale ... the price ... about as much as moderate car!!!

              By the power of Greyskull!!!

              Now on to some of the characters I saw out and about ...

              Power Girl!! Yet ... who's that sexy lady in the background who started calling my name ... . At first I was wondering how Black Canary knew who I was ... then I realized ...

              It's MaryAnnInWndrlnd!!! Here is Black Canary with Lex and Power Girl. All of them were great and looked awesome!!!

              Then another group shot with me and Cat Woman added to the mix.

              I went back at Noon to catch Shocker Batman and his artist at the Zuda table in the DC booth. So jealous they get to experience the other side of Comic Con!

              thrax, MAIW (Black Canary) and me.

              I had some time to catch "The Spirit"

              On the way to the Broadsword booth I caught some Predators attacking this poor girl ... and then it got even uglier ...

              They went for Pikachu!!! NOOOOO!!!!

              Finally I was able to meet Jim Balent and have him sign one of his books!!! It was so great meeting and talking with him, and he is the main reason I ended up going. When we posed for the picture they decided to tickle me ... I didn't complain ...

              Holly and Jim. Not only are they married, but they work together on the Tarot comic I enjoy so much!!! The magic of the Exhibit floor sucked me in and I missed the panel Holly was on about Spritiuality in Comics ... but I got to meet her later on so it wasn't a total loss.

              thrax getting into an intersting situation ... )

              Batman and Wonder Woman

              thrax and I went to soothe Pikachu after that Predator attack ...

              And finally the end of the day! I had so much fun and really look forward to next year!!!


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                Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

                That looks like it was so much fun! I've wanted to go for so long! I'm just questioning a few things:
                -How crowded is it? I get twitchy around super crowded situations and that's one thing that's always freaked me out a little. Like compared to Disneyland on a crowded day, is it worse?
                -Is there food there? Or is it just nerds eating up all the scenery forgetting to eat?


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                  Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

                  Thanks you so much for sharing your Comic Con adventures! It looks like you had so much fun!

                  I hope I'll go next year because right now I am super jealous!


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                    Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

                    I'd say it does getty pretty crowded like Disneyland on a very busy day. Yet, there are also areas that are prone to over crowding randomly. I noticed whenever there was a signing at the WB booth it would get packed in the area - I unknowingly walked into this and got up close and personal with quite a few people. Security kept telling everyone to kept moving, which we tried but it was hard to move more then a step every few minutes. Also, due to the number of people attending it is good to get in line early for any event or showing ... I'm talking probably like Fantasmic! seating early.

                    Food options, and healthy ones at that, are not plentiful inside the Convention Center. Mostly pizza, burgers, pretzels and hot dogs. The Gaslamp Quarter is right across the street with lots of places to eat though, so it wasn't too bad. There's better options out there, but I recommend to make reservations if you can at places that take them or eat when you know the lunch crowd won't be too big. I know when we went to eat we just missed the crowd since there was no line outside, by the time we finished our meal there was a line outside.


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                      Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

                      just awesome. thanks for sharing the words of the comic book guy from the simpsons, "best comic convention ever".



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                        Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

                        I have been waiting to see what character MaryAnninWonderland was dressed as this year. Awesome. Thanks for the pics and report.


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                          Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

                          Thanks so much for sharing your pictures!! I wanted to go sooo badly.


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                            Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

                            Great reporting and pictures Liz. Glad you got to see some fellow MC'ers in action. I hope Shocker Batman's booth was busy, but how could it not be with that hot blonde and you around him.


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                              Re: My First Comic Con - San Diego (07/26/2008)

                              Great report, Liz! I have some 500 shots to edit through and I was there more than just saturday! Report in the works....

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