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Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving


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  • Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

    On 8-17-08, my dive buddy and I took off for a little dive R&R. This gave us a chance to test new equipment.
    We started our adventure at 5:30am, rather Bruce started at 5:00am and then WE started 5:30am.

    Bruce at 6:15am. So very very am. Fun note; contrary to popular belief, not only are fishermen and bakers up at this time of the morning, so are Scuba divers. Suckers.
    To quote Bruce, "You woke me up at 5 in the morning to go on a creaky boat to jump into 55 degree water?" Yes, yes I did. Giggle.

    So we left on the good boat "Mr. 'C'". Filled with dive students. Mr. "C" leaves out of San Pedro harbor and makes its way to Catalina Island, on a '3 hour tour'.

    The following pictures are from 2 of the 3 dives from this day. I decided not to take my camera with me on the 2nd dive. Which of course turned out to be a mistake. On the second dive we found a very large Morea eel and a seven gill shark. The sight of the Morea eel cause Bruce to shout into his regulator "Holy Crap", allowing me to clearly hear it underwater. Nice.

    On to the pictures. Location: Catalina Island near Two Harbors.

    Time to play every one's favorite game: Spot the Lobster!

    Spot the lobster! Blacksmith hangs out near the reef.

    Spot the lobster! Blue striped Gobies and Blacksmith in the reef.
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    Re: Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

    Awesome pics! It's been at least 10 years since I did a Catalina Island dive. Makes me want to revisit it


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      Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving, yet more!

      And yet more photos:
      Yet more of "Spot the lobster!" Difficulty: no singing 'Rock Lobster' while searching!

      Remember, turn off the flash when playing spot the lobster! (down, down, down...)

      Here's a tough one. Spot the Goby, err lobster! (rock lobsta!)
      BTW all these photos of lobsters were from different reefs!
      Lobsters are not the only thing to be found in waters of California.

      Come on let's follow Scuba Bruce!

      Whoa! We forgot to pay the toll! Garibaldi are highly territorial fish and like this one will confront any thing! I had keep waving this away so I could get some other shots! Fun facts: this damselfish can change its sex through out its life and is the state fish of California! Just saying.

      Remember to turn off the flash before taking underwater pictures. Here I am being confronted by a Garibaldi.

      So lets follow this senorita through the reefs. Fun Fact:senoritas are cleaner fish, but loose interest easily and will often clean a few fish, become bored and leave a group of fish waiting to be cleaned. What a dame.

      Through the reef we go, passing blacksmiths along the way.

      Hmm wonder where they are going? Group of Blacksmiths going through cracks in the reef.

      Ooooh starfish!

      Yet another!
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        Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving, and even more!

        So we are still going through the reefs.

        I believe this is a Black and Yellow rockfish. Really? The best I could come up with is black and yellow rockfish? I wonder what I would call it if I found it the kelp?

        Close up of our friend and that frigg'n garibaldi again!

        And now how about this little guy! A Gopher rockfish. I'm spotting a trend here...

        I'm too sexy for the kelp, so sexy it hurts...

        And now for something completely different. A goby!

        Spot the goby! What crappy camouflage! The goby's had to lose a bet somewhere along the evolutionary line. "So ok, you go live in this area full of green kelp and off gray rocks. And oh yeah you're going to have neon blue strips on a bright orange background." Still, there are a bunch of them...everywhere. Like flies.

        Some where in this photo is a fish with a painful set of barbs.

        See me yet? Cause, I almost didn't.

        The California Scorpionfish. Or Sculpin, or little poker. Once you get past the venomous fins they're mighty fine eat'n.

        Whoa! Lookie here! An adult hornshark. What a find! My first reef shark!

        I have no idea what this is. So I'll call it a yellow black rock fish. Yeah, sure, why not.

        A little soft coral for ya.
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          Re: Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

          If I'm not mistaken the black and yellow fish is called a Tree fish.


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            Re: Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

            OMG, those are really amazing pictures!
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              Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving, why there's still more

              Ok, time to spot the unknown fish!

              Find me!

              Now name me!

              Now this bugger I nearly past over. The Longfin Sculpin. He she what ever was only about 4 inches long. Then theres the joke hey sculpin why the long fin... he he he. Whoa tough room.

              Crap! Not you again! Bruce do something to distract him.

              Yeah, that'll do it. When I took this picture, Bruce had been swimming like this for a few minutes, sticking his head down into cracks and openings in the reef looking for lobsters and eels. I will say though, its a kick to see the world this way. One of the reasons I like to scuba dive.

              So we'll follow Bruce out of the reefs into the kelp forest.

              Hello Mr Kelp Bass! This is my favorite picture I took that day. I have it as my desktop image.

              Bruce coming around a reef into a kelp forest. Blacksmiths all around.

              One of the dangers of going through kelp is getting snagged on the kelp leaves with your scuba gear. Its easy enough to free yourself, kelp snaps easy enough. But this time Bruce got caught up in fishing line. I didn't realize how much trouble he was in until I doubled back to him. This photo was taken after 5 minutes of pulling and tugging. It could have turned out badly.

              Outside of the reefs and kelp forest is wonderful world of fish and green blue waters. Blacksmith backside.

              Blacksmiths hanging around.

              All around a single strand of kelp.

              A stream of blackjacks going around the kelp. Bruce's elbow got in the way.

              A stream of smelts.

              Yummy smelts.

              Close up of the little buggers. Mmm smelts.

              We'll follow this Kelp Bass, back into the kelp forest.

              This, this is the money shot for me. I just love diving in kelp. Its so surreal.

              Well that'll do it for me. Yea, I dive like that.
              Well, if only I could see a blue whale on the way back home.

              Well, now, ask and yea shall receive.

              For the record, the sky was blue with no cloud cover, surface temp was 83 degrees. Water visibility was 60' to 80'.
              Dive 1:- 10:05 am, 48' max, 51 min, 66 degrees (51 minutes yeah boy!)
              Dive 2:- 12:01 pm, 35' max, 30 min, 70 degrees
              Dive 3:- 2:09 pm, 50' max, 37 min, 68 degrees
              Normally I dive in 55 degree waters in LA, with 25 to 30 foot visibility underwater. So yeah this dive was the best dive yet!
              Dive to Live.
              Live to Dive.
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                Re: Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

                Fantastic photos!!! Looks like you saw more fish in Catalina thank you did in Maui.

                What a lovely game of "Spot the lobster".

                You know, I wrote a song about a lobster once. Make sure you ask me to sing it for you the next time you see me.
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                  Re: Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

                  Originally posted by Dustysage View Post
                  You know, I wrote a song about a lobster once. Make sure you ask me to sing it for you the next time you see me.
                  Oh, I think I know this song! :whistling:

                  Great pictures, thanks so much for posting them! Loved the captions, too. :lol:
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                    Re: Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

                    Great pictures. I have only been scuba diving once in my life and I loved it. After looking at these pics I really want to do it again.
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                    Golly, what a day


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                      Re: Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

                      Great pictures! You are brave, I wouldn't get any where near all those fish! Ha!
                      "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -Henry David Thoreau


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                        Re: Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

                        WOw!! wonderful shots.... I can not believe how cool they were. please make sure to post every time you go, I really enjoyed this report !! I love the fish!


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                          Re: Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

                          Thank you for sharing. Those are fantastic pictures!
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                            Re: Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

                            Amazing to think that these beautiful fish are off the coast of Los Angeles!


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                              Re: Outside of the Big D, Scuba diving

                              Your pictures are great. I'm scared to go into the ocean or to scuba dive and with your help I don't have to I can just sit at home and enjoy you and your lobster dance.


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