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eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?


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  • eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

    hi guys... once again i am coming to you for comforting, funny, odd thoghts on a problem...

    im a boy scout, and it has come to the point where i am thinking about an eaglescout project (the last step before you achceive the highest rank in scouting, i would like to re-furbish a very rundown park that is very much in need of attention.

    the equipment is rusty and broken, there is broken glass everywhere, i have suspisions of drug dealing at the park during the night, the many trees are starting to fall and need excavating badly, and the entire parks lawn needs to be mowed badly, i would also like to refurbish some of the equipment and add a new piece,,,

    my parents and my scoutmaster somehow have a problem with this, they say that it is a liability, that i need a permit for it, and that its too much money,

    my mom actually mentioned that i was tring to do a project and not "re-create disneyland"

    so basically they are telling me not to get set on this project, but i really do want to do this, i have gone to this park since i was very little and have seen its steady decline, this park needs help, and the community has forgotten all about this park.

    instead... my parents want me and my troop to take part in a bread for life project, i just dont feel right doing it because it would be just a part of the project, and not the whole project, i dont want this done for me, and that has been happening a lot with my rank and merit badges because of my physical limitations.

    i want this to be my project i have a troop of 20+ kids that can help me with it...

    do you guys think this is a good idea at all?

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    Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

    Talk to the city about what you will need to do to even be allowed to undertake this task. Go back to your parents with all the info. If you have their questions answered before they even ask them, they will be impressed that you have done your homework. You might be able to get Home Depot to kick in some free stuff, so start researching that, too.

    Eagle Scouts rock!! Good luck!!
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      Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

      wow, that's tough. doing something that you believe in, versus what the majority thinks you should do, is always hard. i would take what your scoutmaster and your mom say as helpful input - you may indeed need a permit and it may indeed be expensive. but in the end it, it's your project. maybe contact city leaders, a councilman or something that has 'jurisdiction' over the park, who might be able to help.

      best of luck with whichever project you decide on.
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        Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

        I totally agree with SusieP! If you show your parents and scoutmaster all the research that you have done and how committed you are it would probably be easier to get their support. And with their support the project would have even more meaning for you. Plus, like SusieP said you make be able to get donations for materials and such from the likes of Home Depot and Lowe's. Sounds like a wonderful project!! Good Luck, let us know what happens and congratulations and approaching Eagle Scout!!!

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          Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

          As one who has earned the Eagle Scout rank, lemme say that while your project sounds very worthwhile, it also sounds incredibly large. I suppose this is doable, but you really have to do your homework. I got saddled with probably the most anal-retentive Eagle Scout advisor in the area, and he wanted to make sure absolutely everything I did and planned to do was thoroughly documented. (Seriously, other Eagle Scouts I know were flabbergasted at how much I had to type up and show. My book is 100 pages long. My older brother's was maybe 15.) So if you want to do something this large in scope, you have to show them that yu're on top of this. Break down each of the jobs and how you're going to accomplish them. If you can give a good argument that you're caspable of doing this, there's no reason they should turn you down.
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            Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

            Is this an Amusement park you are talking about? If so, Yes, you need to talk to city cousel in order to atleast get the project started. Plus you will need a lot of money to get permits possibly. Plus you parents may be concerned that if the park is so old and run down, you may get hurt. I do not know how big the park is, but I know it took my self, my parents, and contractors a year to build my house. Plus if you have to work with contractors, be prepared to get very annoyed at them because they usually do not show up when they say they will unless you are one of their regular customers. But I do not know anything about the park and your vision of your project so some of this information may be useless.

            Perhaps your parents also think that you may not realize how much work and time will be required from you in order to pull this project of while keeping it safe. Plus if there are gangs already in that area, I would not mess with it.

            That is quite the vision you have and it would definately take a lot of planning too.

            But if you have done your research and have a vision of how you want it to be, keep determined and have fun with it if the city council lets you go ahead with the project.
            But no matter what keep your spirits high because even if you can not refurbish a park, I know that you will find something even better to do.

            I wish you the best of luck and please let us know if you can go through with the project or not.


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              Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

              This will be a project of organization more than one of actual physical labor. It's a public park? Of course, then, you will have to get the city gov't involved. My suggestion, forget about bureaus and agencies... they aren't generally adapted to creative thinking. They'll mostly be a roadblock. Outline what you want to do... spread the word within the community to see if there is interest. Talk to businesses in the area to see if they're interested. (Save the "bite" for a little later, though!) Once you get your backing, attend a city council meeting and present your plan. If you have some supporters onhand, all the better. Perhaps the city can shake loose a buck or two and its official blessing. If not, maybe you could talk to local radio, tv and papers to see if you can create a grassroots groundswell. You want a park cleaned up? You can have it cleaned up! It's all about politics, though... and very little about who actually wields the paintbrush.
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                Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

                ^ GREAT advice!!! This will be a success if you build partnerships and collaborations. It is easy to tell a young man no, but the gov't cannot tell a community no.

                Also, do a Google search for playground equip. manufacturers, and get some letters out to them ASAP. This is a totally doable project, you just need the right people on board. If I understand you correctly, you wish to re-claim the park and make it pristine once again. Here are some other thoughts that may help:

                -Make your goals very clear. YOU have to know your vision prior to selling other people on it.

                -Make your project something that is easy to sustain. In other words, don't set it up so that it will require a ton of additional hours or staffing after you are done. That would hurt your cause. In theory the park should already be getting maintained.

                -You will find the decay in the park is mostly due to the broken window theory which basically states, if it looks like crap already, people will continue to crap on it because there is nothing nice to maintain (not very eloquent, but you know what I mean)

                I find it concerning that you have a great project here and people are telling you not to do it, and to do something else. I always thought that it is about challenging yourself and doing something special.

                In my eyes, you already earned your Eagle Scout because you want to do something to help the community, and others around you.

                Keep up the good work, let us know. There are lots of smart people here with great advice, so keep us in the loop.


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                  Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

                  Also, try and get the support of the press. If you can, create a flyer with your plans and distribute it to the neighborhood, the more support and volunteers you can get, the better. Also, check with large companies (Motorola, GE, etc.) they have employee volunteer groups that always need projects.

                  At the very least you can clean up the park and paint over the graffiti. Even that would be an accomplishment.

                  Best of luck!


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                    Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

                    Oh wait, did he want to work in an abandoned amusement park or just a general public park? I was under the impression that he wanted to maintain a run-down amusement park for some reason....Now that would be hard to do. But a public park can definately be done.


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                      Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

                      Max Fischer outlined alot of great points.
                      I think if you complete the research and still feel the project is doable and you are committed to it - then you need to share that with your parents and the other powers that be.
                      I commend you for wanting to do something that is meaningful to you - most folks would want to take the group/shared route since it probably requires less personal investment.

                      Keep us posted!


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                        Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

                        Sorry, I keep thinking of random things that may be helpful.

                        I have a pretty good amount of experience with these types of projects, and it really cannot be stressed enough to get in good with the neighbors. You may want to also see if there is a neighborhood association in the area. They would already be organized and could help.

                        The really important thing here is to get buy-in from the residents of the area. If it is 'your' project then it may or may not succeed. If it is 'our' (you and the neighbors) then it will succeed. That would also go a long way in them maintaining your good work.


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                          Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

                          Check out this link to my Google search, there are tons of playground companies out there:



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                            Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

                            You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Max Fischer again.

                            Nice on ya to be so much help.. I need to post some of my projects so you can help me ou!


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                              Re: eagle scout project problem, advice, consoleing thoghts?

                              Originally posted by migitmouse88
                              my parents and my scoutmaster somehow have a problem with this, they say that it is a liability, that i need a permit for it, and that its too much money, my mom actually mentioned that i was tring to do a project and not "re-create disneyland"
                              Picking your project is pretty tough. I ended up creating a new trail at the Florrisant Fossil Beds National Monument in Colorado. (YES, it is where the petrified stump Walt put in DL came from.) Anyway, my first choice was something similar to what you want to do-- and EVERYONE told me that there were liabilities that could haunt me later in life if someone got hurt due to my negligence. It's a lame world sometimes. I would keep looking for something. You shouldn't rush this decision. This project will represent you and your hard, philanthropic work. Give it time, it will come to you.


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