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Who are you going to vote for? (Anonymous Poll)

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  • Who are you going to vote for? (Anonymous Poll)

    Hopefully, this isn't going too far. But I'm posting a poll asking who you are going to vote for. I think it will be interesting to gauge MiceChat's opinions.

    Please DO NOT post who you voted for. This is an anonymous poll. No one will know or should know who voted for who and I don't want any debates breaking out.

    After you vote, you can simply post "I voted" or something similar.
    Unable to Vote
    Choosing not to Vote (Only bad answer IMHO)

    The poll is expired.

    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.

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    Re: Who are you going to vote for? (Anonymous Poll)

    I already voted. If you have early voting in your state, do it!
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      Re: Who are you going to vote for? (Anonymous Poll)

      I voted.
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        Re: Who are you going to vote for? (Anonymous Poll)

        Originally posted by Dustysage View Post
        Howdy Chatters, we need your assistance;

        All members are reminded that MiceChat rules do not allow Political and Religious discussion/images on the main forums. While you may discuss these subjects in MiceChat Gold and in Private Clubs, please keep such discussions/images off of the main boards and out of your sig lines.

        As the political season heats up, we'd like to keep our main boards free of the heated debate and animosity that comes from political and religious debate. The goal is to keep MiceChat a safe and friendly place for everyone.

        Please be respectful of other members at all times and do not engage in discussion which is designed to create conflict or hostility. We strongly encourage you to report posts and sig lines which are designed to create hostility and/or to use your reputation voting to protect this community.

        Thank you all for your help in keeping MiceChat a fun place to while away the hours.

        Most sincerely,

        The MiceChat Crew
        Sorry folks... there's a place on MiceChat already used for politics... the debate lounge or in Gold. Political content is not allowed on the main boards. If you want to discuss the subject, please use the debate lounge.

        Has there are already several threads in there regarding this issue, this thread will be closed.

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