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    Howdy folks,

    Thought that I would fill you all in on the exciting travels ahead of me. I leave tonight for India. It will take me the better part of two days to get there. I'll be in the Delhi/Agra area for about two weeks, then I head to London for a few days of fun and shopping.

    I'll try to keep up to date with the boards while I am away and will post pictures here in this thread if I see anything interesting.

    Has anyone here been to Delhi? If so, what do consider not to be missed? I've actually been many times, but am always looking for something to do.

    Same story in London. I go a few times a year, but have run out of new things to do in the city (won't have time to make it out of London on this trip). Thoughts?

    I'll miss you all, I really like this new family that we have going on here at MiceChat. Have fun!

    -The Dusty Traveler
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    awesome, have fun and be safe, mate!


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      Hey Dusty

      Say hi to London for me - I haven't been there for nearly 3 years now

      If you haven't before, check out Wagamama - yummy food and heaps of different locations. The Tate Modern is fun too. Have a great time!



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        I hope you have a fun and safe trip Dusty!!!


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          Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear about it and see pictures. Buy yourself something pretty

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            I'll miss you!! I hope you have a lovely trip out there. Take time to stop and smell the incense.
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              Have a fun trip..... Dont forget to remember us on your "buisness" trip...

              Have fun through security....


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                One of these days, I'll pack myself in your luggage , baby.

                Meanwhile, have fun!


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                  Have a great trip. Be safe. and take tons of pictures (then post please)


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                    "India....India!!! It's set in India!" -Christian, Moulin Rouge. I did a research paper on Hindu art and architecture and have always wanted to go to India. I'm so jealous of you Dusty!!!! j/k Have a wonderful trip, and I look forward to hearing all about it!!!

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                      Wow that sounds like a wonderful trip!! Do have a great time and enjoy yourself but also take care and get home safely!

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                        Dusty, take lots of Photos!! You never know when you'll go back!!
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                          I'll PM you my list of souvenirs to bring back for me.

                          Have a safe trip, Dear Mr. Dusty.

                          Have a great time and if you can go see 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' in London. It's absolutely fabulous.


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                            Are you taking your spider Snyder and Maxine the crow along with you?


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                              Bring me back a Delhi sandwich. I hear those are pretty good!

                              Seriously, though, have a wonderful trip. India would be amazing. I'm absolutely overcome with jealousy. And I adore London. Throw some coins into the Covent Garden automatons for me! You lucky sage!


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                                I guess you are a man of mystery and real world traveler. Have a nice trip.
                                I have never been to India or London. But London is on my list of Things to Do. First Italy, back to Paris, and then London and surrounding areas.
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                                  In the words of the infamous Crush, "You totally rock dude!" and make sure you have an exit buddy!

                                  Have a safe wonderful trip!


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                                    LOL I seem to be outa the LOOP........... But

                                    What the heck are you doing in Inda and London???

                                    Business or Pleasure?

                                    Have a fabulous time!
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                                      Dusty's avatar is all creepy now...


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                                        Here are some photos from my Dusty Weekend in India

                                        Lotus Temple:

                                        Mystery Structures:

                                        Qutab Minar:

                                        Mugal Temples:

                                        I leave india for the UK on Friday. Hope to get some good pics for you there as well. However, I didn't bring a charger for my camera, and the battery is starting to run a little low.
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