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Fun, and cheap, Disney & Holiday arts and crafts projects.

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  • Fun, and cheap, Disney & Holiday arts and crafts projects.

    Hi there, I enjoy making my own Disney projects with the everday household material. Since Halloween is coming up, I decided to post instructions on how to create your own Haunted Mansion stairing images.

    Here is a fun little Haunted Mansion stairing images project I learned a few years ago from another website (I forget its name).

    anyway here is the materials needed.

    2 sheets of computer paper (Or any kind of plain white paper)
    coloring and drawing utensils
    invisable tape.

    Okay here is what you do. On one sheet of paper draw a big picture of a human, animal, or whatever as long as it has eyes. But when you draw them image, draw two big circles where you would want your eyes to be---make sure the circles are big enough for you to cut out. After you get down drawing your image, color it. When done coloring cut out the blank eyeholes. then tape the second white piece of paper to the back of the drawing. When that is attached to the back of the drawing, draw eyes onto the portions or the 2nd piece of paper exposed through the eyeholes of the drawing. Then hang up the drawing, look at it from every angle, and your characters eyes will be watching every step you take. Have fun )

    Does anyone else have any Disney arts & crafts projects that they can share with us? Or perhaps have any arts and crafts ideas for halloween that they can share with us too?