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Restored Cinderella Premieres in Hollywood


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  • Restored Cinderella Premieres in Hollywood

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    Re: Restored Cinderella Premieres in Hollywood

    The husband and I went on Thursday, when they had the panel discussion. We had a great time. The panel discussion was first. I was running late because it took longer than I remembered to get there from work, but I managed to take my seat just as the MC was taking the stage. The voices of Cinderella, Anastasia and Lucifer were there, as well as Ollie Johnston and Andreas Dejas (I'm not sure I'm getting his last name right). They all had great stories to tell. The movie followed after that. I've never seen the movie all the way through before, so I really enjoyed it. I was a little shocked at exactly how, ummm, female dogish the stepmother and stepsisters were. I always knew they were "bad" but never that they were quite that cruel. The two scenes that stick out in my head are when the stepsisters tear her pink dress to shreds (made more heartbreaking knowing that it was originally her mother's dress) and when the stepmother locks her in her room, knowing she's the person the prince is looking for.

    And I now am of the opinion that Cinderella in her blue gown is not Cinderella at her prettiest. The pink dress is so pretty, and I like her hair better in her peasant incarnation - the upswept look doesn't do that much for me. Too bad you rarely see anything with Cinderella other than in her blue gown (except maybe a wedding dress). We did see an Armani piece at Disneyana with Cinderella carrying the three trays, but I'm not that fond of the look of the Armani pieces. A Classics piece, though, that might be cool.


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