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Is Roy losing the battle?


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  • Is Roy losing the battle?

    Not a word after the major stockholders voted for Eisner and the board and it looks like Bob Iger will be the new guy around the corner. What happened to the momentum of Save Disney? Is all forgotten becauser the nubers are up? Will Michael be a puppeteer? Maybe Eisner IS the right guy after all??? Hmmmmmm? What do you think?
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    Read James B. Stewart's DisneyWar on your next layover, Orville.

    No matter what happens, Eisner is the loser in the annals of history.
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      And what does DisneyWar or bad press have to do with it? There's been nothing but bad press for years. Did the Ovitz trial have any effect on the shareprice? Do you think the temporary broohaha over Disney War will effect things in the corporate boardroom one iota?

      I'll tell you what's going on in the press I read: The search for Eisner's replacement is such a sham that Iger is almost guaranteed the post. And if you thought Eisner was bad for Disney, just you wait.


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        Well, at this point I think anything is better than Eisner, despite ISM's warnings. A lot of wind was taken out of Roy's sails after the company shrugged off the vote, but at this point they honestly haven't come up with much in the way of new ideas.

        The only notable thing out of SaveDisney I can remember recently was hinting support for Steve Jobs as CEO, which isn't likely to happen, as Jobs is one of those guys who seems happy running his own smaller company than running someone else's big one. Apple: his company. Pixar: his company. After he got kicked out of Apple he went and started NeXT and ran that into the ground instead of working for someone else's company.

        Their problem, at this point, is a lack of attention. I honestly think while they had all those eyes and ears that they should have planned another event to show their numbers and try and hold the interest of the general public. So much effort was placed on stockholders, so little on consumers.


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          From what I've heard, most of the shockholders mainly had personal consumer gripes. I don't thin I actually heard any stockholders say anything about the company as a whole that didn't already work for the mouse. Stockholder apathy is a serious concern for the welfare of a public-owned corporation.
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