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The Poetry/Prose Thread


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  • The Poetry/Prose Thread

    I didn't see a thread for this, so here goes: A thread for us to post our poems, limericks or haiku.


    A shape already formed, long before
    my fingers entrenched its fortress
    of flesh and thoughts

    As always at the beginning of passion-
    experiences are thought
    to have only been instanced together

    Our Spanish bed with its iron posts
    mon amour, entwined with our souls
    as pliable as our desires
    withering with satisfied lust
    slumber slipped softly as a cool breeze
    refreshing the sanction

    Molding your ideas into mine
    coveting your soul as mine
    shaping commitments into your form

    Clay ceasing to be stretched
    tightened in its state, weary
    of possessiveness, you left

    The Spanish bed- its iron structures
    my cage, where my body had yielded passion
    stale and craving for its artist
    Amnesia used to be my favourite word, but I forgot it.

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    Re: The Poetry/Prose Thread

    I wish I were glib at poetry,
    To describe the sky, a flower, or a tree.

    I'd love to express my feelings in beautiful verse,
    But the words that come out sound weird and even worse.

    So, I usually end up with just a rhyme,
    Cuz it's the way I think and it takes much less time.


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      Re: The Poetry/Prose Thread

      that made me smile. Here's another:

      -no title-

      ankle deep in the water
      all of us were walking
      I was holding his hand
      his grip was negative
      he was talking to him
      I gently let go
      I stopped walking
      they kept going
      he put his arms around his waist
      i watched
      now the water was over my head
      i didn't have to leave to be gone
      no-one said good-bye
      Amnesia used to be my favourite word, but I forgot it.


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