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Announcing "Bucks for Bob!"


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  • Announcing "Bucks for Bob!"

    Contrary to "inside the box" thinking, we at "Bucks for Bob" believe that CEO Bob Iger should receive MORE money (lots more) when Disney's stock and profits decline, due to the added discomfort that accompanies these temporary setbacks.

    We furthermore feel that the mere $30-$51 million + perks he received in 2008 (a year when Disney stock declined) is an insult to one who is in charge of a giant multi-national corporation!

    "Bucks for Bob" will be hosting a variety of fundraisers to make sure that Mr. Iger receives at least 1,000 times what a new, full-time Disneyland employee is paid. How dare a thousand of these ants :meet::meet::meet: imagine they are worth one brilliant CEO :smart: who works over 400 hours a week! Do they imagine that selling the Dumbo ride and fuzzy animal characters to kids is easy? Our ultimate goal is to have Mr. Iger receive more than everyone who works at Walt Disney World combined.

    I, JCruise86 :thumbup:, declare myself emperor of "Bucks for Bob" and invite everyone to join even though:
    1. the addition of two members will likely result in my being overthrown, and even though
    2. it might make conversations with Mr. Iger awkward in the highly improbable event that I ever again work for Disney.

    --JCruise86, official Emperor of Bob Iger's cult & compensation expansion committee
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    OK, it's been almost two days and no one has spoken, which means that you are all giving your silent assent. Excellent.

    We we all agree that $51 mil (+ perks) even in a bad year was insufficient CEO compensation.
    What else can we offer?
    --An Airbus A380 corporate jet that drarfs Obama's 747 Air Force One.
    --A new trophy wife younger/hotter/quieter/smarter than Trump's & Jack Welch's, but with the five year pre-nup deal that Trump had with Marla Maples.
    --A 500-foot yacht that is slightly larger than Paul Allen's or Larry Ellison's.
    --The Dodgers and the Lakers.
    --The second and third (we'll build up--no forced perspective) floors of every Disney park Main Street (the entire street, both sides), to be Mr. Iger's personal condo.s.
    --T-shirts that read, "Iger means I Care!"
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      Re: Announcing &quot;Bucks for Bob!&quot;

      What in the name of Sam Hill are you on about?
      What an idiot....

      Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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        Originally posted by Tui View Post
        What in the name of Sam Hill are you on about?
        I'm surprised an MST3K fan would ask.


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