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Funny things our pets have done.


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  • Funny things our pets have done.

    My cat is very funny. Today I looked out side and saw him sleeping on a tree limb. It was very funny. Last night he was sleeping on the arm of our couch and hanging off of it at the same time. My cat is so spolied that no matter where he is, if he hears you open the fridge, he will come darting out. About two nights ago I put my cat down and he went darting down the hallway. then as he reached the tile floor, he slipped and flipped over and turned over our rug as he flipped. He is silly.

    What funny things have your pets done?

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    Re: Funny things our pets have done.

    Oh my dog is hilarious. He's very spoiled, and he's also super-intelligent. He is, as it turns out, an excellent communicator.

    So, if your dog's water dish was empty, they might, if they were smart enough to think to tell you about it, communicate to you that it needed filling, yes? Well my dog tells me when it's LOW. Dead serious, if the water level in his dish (true for dry food dish too) gets low, he'll scratch at the dish incessantly until I fill it back up again.

    We have one of those water dishes where you fill up the big bottle and it keeps filling the bowl. Well, one time, he was scratching at it because it was kinda low, but I checked and it still had plenty for the time being so I didn't fill it before leaving the house. When I came back, not only was it empty, but it had been moved out of the kitchen, into the hallway, and the dish was literally FACING the front door of the house, where I couldn't possibly miss it!

    Did I mention he was an excellent communicator? He also tells me when and exactly in what way he is not happy with me. One night, when I used to have my own place and it was just my dog and myself, I was painting in the evening, and in his opinion, not paying enough attention to him. Despite all his efforts to demand my attention, I ignored him and went on painting. The next day, the flights ran late, so I ended up working a few hours overtime. Well, when I came home, I found that he'd chewed my paint brushes, the corner of my painting, and... nothing else! Just letting me know he was angry and that I should have paid attention to him!

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      Re: Funny things our pets have done.

      Our old dog would sit, and spin in circles as if she were chasing her tail in slow motion.

      My cat gets on the roof and meows for me to get her down. I hear her, and look around, and eventually figure out she's on the roof. I tell her to come down, and in a few minutes she does. All I see are these yellow eyes peering over the edge.

      One of our current dogs will run laps in the house. Maybe this wouldn't be as amusing on a different breed, but it's pretty funny to watch a basset hound run. She goes full-tilt from the living room, down the hall, down the step into the back living room, up the step into the kitchen, and then stands in front of me and barks. It was better when we had the whole area carpeted- she'd be nearly sideways on the tight turns.

      Our other current dog tells me when his water dish is empty. He stands in the kitchen and looks at me with this one particular look. He's pretty good at communicating. Maybe not as good as Barnum, but still, he generally gets what he wants.

      My mom's cat always hits the cupboard in her kitchen. Cat comes flying across the linoleum, has to make nearly a 180 degree turn, and can't. Smack! Right into the cupboards. Never seemed to learn either.
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        Re: Funny things our pets have done.

        My cat is so clumsy, which is kinda odd for a cat. The coffee table has a glass top, so if she's underneath and see's something on top, she'll jump up to catch it, but ends up bonking her head on the glass. She does this a lot.

        Every once in a while for NO apparent reason, she'll puff up her tail and fur, her ears go back, and she stares at you. Then if you walk towards her at this time, she will prance and hop side ways, like a crab. We call her "bush baby" when she does this.

        She always seems to feel much better after she uses the lady's room, so she'll dart out of the bathroom, run back and forth across the room at lightening speeds, then runs into the kitchen, slidding on the floor and bonking herselp into the chairs.

        Did I mention that my little bush baby is clumsy? :cwink:
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          Re: Funny things our pets have done.

          Our cat is so moody! It's literally driving him crazy being in the hotel! He hates change! Hates it! If I move his food bowl, he'll walk by it and throw his nose in the air.

          He also can't stand for his food bowl to be half empty! If it's half empty, he's meowing like he's starving. And heaven forbid that it actually does get empty...I swear I'll watch him and he'll eat the last bite. The very next time I'm in the kitchen..he's all over me. Meowing, acting like he's starving. I keep telling him I read that cat's can go for days without food...but he doesn't buy it.

          He has a daily routine...and if you mess it if my husband is home from work...he's pissed off.

          He's liter box trained of course...but there is something about shiny, soft fabrics that make him lose his mind. Like satiny type sleeping bags...if Kat leaves hers out, he'll pee on it!

          He also loves to get under the covers of the bed. He pokes his head under the edge of the bedspread and jumps under. So you have this "lump" in the bed.

          He's going to run away from home when the new puppy comes!
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            Re: Funny things our pets have done.

            When my cat begs for food and hears the fridge open, he will literally get inside the fridge! Sometimes he gets closed in there for a few seconds in hopes that he will stop doing that. Silly boy. We also have this furball thing attached to an elastic string attached to a plastic fishing pole and he loves playing with that. Sometimes he snatches the plastic pole out of my hand and goes running off with it. LOL When he plays with this toy he always does flips and stuff so I call him "The Great Catalini".


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              Re: Funny things our pets have done.

              Good God don't get me started on THIS subject!!!!! LOL

              Cuzco: clumsy-ness is a good sign of a healthy kitten. They are supposed to have the dufus look and be clumsy. It's how they learn!!!!
              Katie :yea:
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                Re: Funny things our pets have done.

                OK...I have 8 cats as of you really want to hear the stories. Micechat doesn't have enough band width for the tales I have to tell!
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                  Re: Funny things our pets have done.

                  My Siamese cat always walked like a fashion model and one night we were sitting around the den when she decided to leave the room. As she waltzed across the floor a small but audible fart popped out of her and she jumped and looked behind her to see what happened. Of course we laughed hysterically and she slinked off embarassed as only a cat can do.
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                    Re: Funny things our pets have done.

                    I have 9 cats and a dog that thinks he's a cat..I could write a book on this subject too
                    One time my himalayan cat who is a complete chicken got freaked when someone knocked on the door, when they walked in they burst out laughing. I looked to see what they were laughing at..and there's my 12lb cat..cowering with his head under a washcloth on the couch.
                    He also doesn't think any blanket or sheet should be touching the floor..if they are off the bed, he pees on them! If he thinks the cat box hasn't been scooped recently enough he slides on the bed until he gets the blanket off and then pees on em! And it's not like the cat boxes aren't clean..I have several of them and they get scooped once sometimes twice a day each.

                    My dog also thinks he's a cat..he sits on the back of the couch with the cats, he plays with strings..his absolute favorite toy is this circular thing with a mouse inside that goes around in a circle. he sticks his paw in there and whips it all over the house.
                    The above post also reminded me of the time he had gas...we went for a walk and everytime he tooted he'd jump completely around with this look like 'OMG what was that?'
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                      Re: Funny things our pets have done.

                      We have one cat that has traditionally climbed the Christmas tree every year and made to the top. We also have 6 others and a Beagle! I love the many wonderful things that these animals bring. My beagle especially. When the garage door opens, and I open th door to the house he is their to meet me, he is so faithful. He is so wild he jumps on me when it comes to going for a walk. And don't even say the word WALK he goes from Beagle to Kangaroo in 1.6 seconds!) He also acts as a moderator for the kitties( sorry for the analogy) when they are squabbling amongst each other. He runs up to them with his tongue out like Pumba dancing back and forth until they scatter! Many more stories I love my pets!
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                        Re: Funny things our pets have done.

                        With 5 cats that own me and another wide variety of cats, dogs, turtles, etc that I watch, I could fill an encyclopedia with funny stories.

                        But I won't.

                        Instead, I will talk about the funny racoon that visited us early this morning to scratch on the underside of the bathtub and, later, walked non-chalantly across my lawn while the torti kittie from across the street looked on.

                        Pets or wildlife - they both bring me joy.


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                          Re: Funny things our pets have done.

                          **walking quietly away from the thread**


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                            Re: Funny things our pets have done.

                            I have two cats, a girl and a boy. Two years ago the night before thanksgiving we were thawing out the turkey in a big bucket of water in the tub. My boy cat would not leave it alone. He would make it bob up and down for hours. He also thinks he is a good hunter. Once, he got steaks that I had out to thaw and draged them through the house leaving a trail behind him. He then layed them on my bed. He was so proud of himself. I love them so much and wouldn't trade them for the world.



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                              Re: Funny things our pets have done.

                              My cat is afraid of everything. But when he is not being chased by anything, he run in our way and acts like we are chasing him.


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