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Your ethnic background


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  • Your ethnic background

    Since there's been SO MANY "What's your favorite color" "How many buttons does your shirt have" "Which Micechatter would look best in a French Maid outfit" threads of late I thought I'd start one.

    What's your ethnicity? And don't say "I'm an American" because unless you are a 100% full blooded Cherokee or something that aint gonna cut it.

    I'll start.

    I am a TOTAL mutt. In order of % from greatest to least I am:

    Irish (shhhhh dont tell D-kat I have more Germanic blood in me than Irish )

    Et tu Brute?

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    Re: Your ethnic background

    I wish I knew.

    Mom's side: German, Irish, small amount of Arab, not sure what else

    Dad was adopted so I have no idea.


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      Re: Your ethnic background

      50% Finnish
      47% Swedish
      3% French

      Pretty much am 50% Swedish as well, since the 3% that is French moved to Sweden.

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        Re: Your ethnic background

        7/8 English, 1/8 French, as best I can tell.

        I know my dad's side (he had a French grandmother, I don't know on which side), but my mom was adopted. However, she's from Canada, and her birth mother's name was DECIDEDLY English, so I choose to count that as 100% English decent. Just easier that way (though with it being Canada, it could well be Scottish, or possibly a little more French)

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          Re: Your ethnic background

          110% Polish. Last name is Jankowski and no, I'm not related in any way shape or form to the football kicker, Sebastian Janikowski.

          And in case you're wondering, yeah, I've heard every Polish joke imaginable. There are a lot of them out there! inch:


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            Re: Your ethnic background

            I'm Spanish, Portuguese,French and German from my mom's side & Mexican and Native American from my dad's.

            My husband is French, English, Dutch, German & Swedish.

            My daughter is the utimate mutt. It's not so bad, she looks like she's going to be the next Lynda Carter w/ her dark hair and blue eyes.


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              Re: Your ethnic background

              Maternal - German and English
              Paternal -100% Scottish
              aka Sara

              :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

              One of my children
              isn't pictured,

              ABE is still hibernating :sleep:


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                Re: Your ethnic background

                Dad's side- Danish (he emigrated at 8)
                Mom's side- Polish (her grandparents were emigrants)

                so we are fairly new-

                and that makes me a meat filled pastry!!


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                  Re: Your ethnic background

                  German and English, both from maternal and paternal sides.

                  The percentage varies based on my mood at the time
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                    Re: Your ethnic background

                    90% German. They came over as Hessian soldiers to fight with the British during the Revolution. After the surrender at Yorktown they were moved to a camp in the Shenadoah Valley and liked the area so much that after the Revolution, they stayed.

                    5% Scottish. Related to Clans Swan and Cameron.

                    5% American Indian. Cherokee.

                    100% Supervillian Extrodinare!!!!
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                      Re: Your ethnic background

                      I'm a little bit of some European stuff, a lot Nordic. My last name is very very German, however, I'm not German at all.
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                        Re: Your ethnic background

                        50% Greek (dad born and raised in GR)
                        50% ??? possibly Swiss or German (mom's adopted)
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                          Re: Your ethnic background

                          Both parents are immigrants:

                          75% Ukranian
                          25% German
                          Fratsor Sister - Delta Mu Chi Alpha



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                            Re: Your ethnic background

                            Mostly Irish, 5 of 8 great-grandparents from Ireland. One of the other ones was from Hungary. And two other ones were from, they were great-great grandparents....not sure the heredity of the other great grandparent, though I'd guess English, as the surname is very English and old-school Rhode Island.

                            A bit of a mutt. Mostly Irish, with some Hungarian, English and Dutch thrown into the mix. I come from Murphys and Bradleys.

                            My husband is mostly Irish and looks it. :lmao: All his great grandparents are Irish, except one who was Italian. Thankfully, she passed along some incredible pasta recipes, including a to-die-for ravioli. Mmmmm!!!

                            Our oldest daughter has the dark hair and blue eyes. I tell her she looks like Alexis Bleidel. She likes being different. The other two are like me: whateverish dark blonde/light brown hair and green eyes.

                            And I think Gemini Cricket would look outstanding in a French Maid outfit, I have 4 buttons on my sweater, and my favorite color is green.


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                              Re: Your ethnic background

                              I'm a pure Brit Mutt. I'm all Scottish, English and Irish. The name is Scottish - was McCoe, but, in reality, I'm so American invaders it's not funny. I my paternal great great.....grandfather was Willian Brewster, the minister of The Mayflower. The last immigration I can find in my family came in 1782.

                              I was the first member of my family to be born after my family's "immigration" to the West Coast and am the only native Californian in my generation. In other words, to my East Coast family, I am a freak.


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