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Cell phones & the road....


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  • Cell phones & the road....

    What do you think about cell phones combined with driving?

    Ban them?
    Restrict them?
    Leave things as they are?

    I personally know 2 people who have caused accidents because of chatting and not paying attention to what they were doing (driving of course)! We are all guilty of taking a call when behind the wheel, but I personally keep it short (like - "I'm in the parking structure, be there in a few"!). If it's going to be longer I call them back later, or pull over and make the return call if it's business, school or urgent.

    I sometimes think that a drunk driver is safer, only because he is really trying, possibly not succeeding, but usually trying.

    What does everyone here think about this one?
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    Re: Cell phones & the road....

    I talk on the phone while driving all the time, but then again, I pay attention to the road. If my phone's distracting me, I tell people I need both my hands and either hang up or set the phone down for as long as needed.

    However, I would not be against a ruling that states hands-free devices must be used.

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      Re: Cell phones & the road....

      When I drive I always wear my headset (not that I get much calls). I also looked for a headset that had an on/off button in easy reach so I still don't have to look down at my phone.

      I bought one for my mom and my sisters. My brother already has one. I got some of my friends one to just leave in the car. It makes a great small present for people you care about.

      The people I see driving a bit erratically are almost 99% on the phone. Only one hand on the wheel. They don't use their blinkers nor do they even LOOK in their mirrors.

      If you're going to drive while on the phone at least get a hands free headset....BUT ..that would make too much sense......
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        Re: Cell phones & the road....

        Meh. I'm on the fence with this one. Hard to prohibit it for all just because SOME people can't drive safely while talking. Same people who shouldn't be talking while driving probably shouldn't be driving at all, since it's obvious that they're not taking their responsibility for the safety of others seriously enough, even when not on the phone.
        Any amount of time on the phone more than a minute should be handled while parked.

        Operating a vehicle is an inherently hazardous activity. I'd rather restricting be done at the licensing bureau.


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          Re: Cell phones & the road....

          I talk on the phone while driving all of the time. I do my best catching up while driving. But, I ALWAYS use my hands-free device and I pay attention to the road first, conversation second. I actually am more distracted by someone else in the car with me than I am my a phone conversation.


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            Re: Cell phones & the road....

            I must admit I do not use a hands held device. I did years ago until it broke, and I never got around to replacing it.

            I'm pretty careful when it comes to talking and driving, but I know there are many more out there who are quite absent minded.

            My mom will NEVER calls my cell because "what if I'm in the car?!". I tell her I wont answser her call if I was in the car to make her feel better :cwink:
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              Re: Cell phones & the road....

              Dont EVEN get me started! I seriously think that there should be courses on managing cell phone usage and driving and if you cant pass you cant drive with a cell phone. Or just make a law that says it has to be hands free.

              But I can't tell you how many times theres a moron ahead of me driving slow, following the Braille Trail, creeping into my lane, cutting me off, sitting at the green light not moving, and they have a frickin' cell phone attached to their ear.

              Either that or they're driving a Camry


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                Re: Cell phones & the road....

                Originally posted by Not Afraid
                I talk on the phone while driving all of the time. I do my best catching up while driving. But, I ALWAYS use my hands-free device and I pay attention to the road first, conversation second. I actually am more distracted by someone else in the car with me than I am my a phone conversation.
                Same here. With people in the car it is tempting to turn and look at them while talking.


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                  Re: Cell phones & the road....

                  I absolutly wish it was illegal to drive with a cell phone unless it used a hands free divice.

                  I have a friend (I love you dearly and I'm sure you will read this...) who I love talking to, but most of our conversations are while she is driving....and she does not use a hands free, It scares me.
                  We have had many conversations that end with..."sh*t, gotta go" can I just tell you how scary that is to the person on the other end of the phone...Your mind goes crazy wondering what happened, one one occasion I heard tires screaching...It was not her, but I didn't know that for quite a while....

                  Hang up the flipping phone, use an earpiece...anything just don't hold the phone while you drive, I love you too much, and I don't want to be the person you were talking to when something happens....

                  I think it should be a law, and I think the penalties should be right up there with DUI, because I don't care what anyone sais, they are impaired, they are distracted.

                  anyone else want to use the soapbox?


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                    Re: Cell phones & the road....

                    Ok here's my Two pennies on this.

                    First of all to compare cell phone driving to a drunk driver is a pretty wild comparison. (No offense Wolffy)
                    My brother Matt was almost killed by someone who was smoking and drinking beer behind the wheel. So "trying" is not option. I notice when I drive down to Socal there are all kinds of Banners telling people to stay away from all distractions, whether it be your notepad on the dash, Radio, Cell Phone or reaching into the glove box, smoking, and drinking a soda.

                    All are bad because it takes your mindset off or impares a person's driving. And yes you maybe a multitasker, but it you are still distracted. So should they be banned no, they should be restricted.
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                      Re: Cell phones & the road....

                      Originally posted by Olympicnut
                      following the Braille Trail
                      I love that!! Braille Trail :lol:

                      I now know what I can yell at those people "GET OFF THE BRAILLE TRAIL"
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                        Re: Cell phones & the road....

                        I love the cell phone and wonder how I got along without it! But, here in So.Cal, traffic is hard to navigate when you are concentrating let alone carrying on a conversation with a friend. If you are multi-tasking, go for it. But most people I encounter on the road, need driving lessons, not cell phones. I pity the fool who runs into my car while talking on their cell. It will take a proctologist to recover their phone.

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                          Re: Cell phones & the road....

                          There was a study done a while back about whether or not cellphones were the distraction or if it was simply holding a conversation...

                          In actuality, the conversation is what's distracting you. However, the cell phone itself has it's own issues. Since you are using one hand you aren't capable of making quick decisions or steering out of a situation. Also, the cell phone creates more of a blind spot than usual since your arm covers your peripheral vision...

                          I say ban them, but it probably wouldn't do that much good... They need to raise the driving age and making the driving test more strict though...


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                            Re: Cell phones & the road....

                            Here in New York, there is a law that says you cannot drive while using a cell phone (unless it is hands-free). If you do, you must pay a maximum fine of $100 and mandatory surcharges of $50 (no points are added to your license). The exceptions to this law is if you are calling 911 or to contact medical, fire or police personnel about an emergency. Personally, I think that law is great. Driving with a hand-held cell phone is dangerous no matter how good of a driver you are. A study by the National Public Services Research Institute for AAA in 1991 showed this...
                            1. All forms of cellular phone usage lead to significant increases in response times or non-response to highway traffic situations.
                            2. Intense or complex conversation leads to the greatest increases in overlooking significant highway traffic conditions and the time to respond to them. The distracting effect is similar to that of tuning a radio. The effect of placing calls or engaging in casual conversation was less of a problem, although it did slow response times.
                            3. The distracting effect of cellular phone use among drivers over age 50 is two to three times as great as that of younger drivers and encompasses all three aspects of cellular phone use - placing calls and carrying on simple and complex conversation. The effect is to increase non-response by 33 - 38%.
                            4. Prior experience with cellular phones appears to bear no relationship to the distracting effect of cellular phone use.
                            A more recent study by the University of Toronto showed this...

                            The results of the study showed that the risk of collision when using a cellular phone was four times higher that the risk when the cellular phone was not being used. Calls close to the time of the collision (i.e., within 5 minutes) presented a greater risk than calls placed 15 minutes or more prior to the crash. The risk was similar for drivers who differed in personal characteristics, such as age and driving experience. The study also found that cellular units allowing hands-free operation offered no safety advantage over hand-held units.
                            The researchers cautioned that "data do not indicate the drivers were at fault in the collisions; it may be that cellular telephones merely decrease a driver's ability to avoid a collision caused by someone else."

                            For more information, go here.
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                              Re: Cell phones & the road....

                              This is such a tough question to answer because people should have cell phones in case of emergencies. Other than that, they need to be responsible drivers.


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