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Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan


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  • Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

    Ok, I know we have some sports fans out there, I'm interested in hearing your favorite memories of events involving your favorite sports teams or games you attended. You can also list the most painful.

    I have quite a few great memories.

    in 1987 after the Twins won the American League in Detroit, the team flew back to Minnesota late at night to a fully Metrodome, the place was going crazy waving Homer Hankies everywhere, just a cool moment, in addition to that, I was at Game one of the World Series the next week with my dad.

    In 1996, I went with my dad and stepmom to Augusta, Georgia for the practice rounds of The Masters. That alone would be amazing for a golf fan, but one of the days possibly the three greatest players ever were in one group, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods, I got to watch them play the 13th hole and a few others.

    spring of 1997, was my final year living at home in Minnesota. My dad and I would go to almost every U of Minnesota men's basketball game from the time I was 3 til 18. It was one of the few times we did things together. That season, the Gophers went to the Final Four, but before they got there, we went to Kansas City for the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament where they won, then once they advanced to the Final Four, we drove to Indianapolis and had they won their game, the national championship game would have been my 18th birthday.

    As for most painful watching one of my teams play. The 1998 NFC Championship game when the Vikings lost to the Falcons in overtime...

    Sorry for the long first post, lets hear your memories

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    Re: Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

    My favorite is when I was on the starting line in 1989 in Fremont for a criterium Bicycle race and got the results from the famous :08 SECOND "Greg Lemond come from behind victory" in that years Tour De' France. People thought it would be impossible, in such a short race, he averaged (this I remember) 34.5 miles perhour, remember averaged.That means he was touching close to 40 mph in some parts of the course.
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      Re: Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

      Are these suppose to be events you were at? If so, a couple bests:

      Seeing a medal ceremony at the 2002 Salt Lake Games where an American (Derek Parra) was awarded the gold and they played the Star Spangled Banner. It was my first time and brought a tear to my eye.

      Being at the deciding game that sent the Ducks to the Stanley Cup Finals.


      Anytime the Trojans lost a home game.


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        Re: Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

        Best moment happened this year.

        A young UNC won the NCAA championship.....oh man, I'm tearing up. I sank to my knees in front of the TV and just started bawling. Pure joy. Didn't hurt that their win meant I won my husband's office pool, but really it's just because I really truly love my Carolina Tarheels, always have, always will.

        I get to re-live that win everyday, as my desktop is a pic of Sean May celebrating and crying. worst moments soon followed. Pretty much the entire starting line-up left the team early to go pro. So what I thought was going to be a sure thing next year is looking like total crap instead.

        Another major game for me was during high school....early 90's? Late 80's. NFL. I can't remember who San Francisco was playing against, but I'd taken a lot of crap for betting on them, and there was one game....against the Vikings....maybe. Anyway, John Tayler caught two interceptions and ran them both for was a 96 yard run and one was a 92 yard run. I'd never seen anything like it. Amazing. If I wasn't already a 49'ers fan, I would have had to convert. That team made me love football. Even though I don't follow it anymore, I still have all my cards....I have Jerry Rice's rookie card and Joe Montana's (he didn't have an official rookie card, so I have the one of him in the white jersey that passes as his rookie card).

        My NFL low point was when Montana left for the one team I hate. God, that killed me.


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          Re: Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

          Where do I begin???

          The BEST of times

          6-11-2005 Derek Jeter's first grand slam :yea:

          2001 World Series- Yanks vs Diamondbacks- even though we lost it gave NY the hope we needed after 9-11

          Game 7 2003 A.L.C.S Yanks vs Bosox extra innings and Aarone Boone wins the game with a HR! Again, we lost to fish but the ALCS series was a lot more exciting

          2005 Yanks only held 1st place in the eastern division for about 4 days and still beat out the bosox for American League Eastern Division Champs!

          I also remember the 86' World Series when the NY Mets beat the Red Sox. Although I am a Yankees fan, my family were Mets fans so being 12 yrs old I'd watch the games w/my grandparents. My sister and I took the day off of school and went to the ticker tape parade.

          The Yankees have not won a World Series under a Republican President since Ike~ just one more thing I can blame on the republican party :lmao:

          Ok... that's for baseball.... I'll have to get into football another time :lol:


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            Re: Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

            High: 1983---Portland Winterhawks won the Memorial Cup(a feat no US team had ever done in the cups 65 years of exsistence) in a lopsided 8-3 victory over the Oshawa Generals. Cam Neely scored a Hat Trick durring the game and Mike Vernon let in only 3 goals even though he faced over 40 shots. Other greats on that Winterhawk team included Ray Ferraro, Derek Laxdal, and Brad Duggan.

            Low: 1990----Trail Blazers lose the NBA finals to the Detriot Pistons....Drexler choked.
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              Re: Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

              Favorite moment would have to be the first Nascar race we attended was a Busch series race. Bailey was little, I think he was 5. He was just a budding Dale Earnhardt, Jr fan. We went to a track sponsored autograph session, hoping Dale Jr would be there..nope he wasn't. Bailey was in tears. He had his little Dale Jr flag, hat, etc..all ready to be signed.

              One of the other drivers wives was there..she saw Bailey, felt so bad for him, she took his flag, had it signed later that weekend and Fed Ex'd it back to us in Texas. Flag says "Hey Bailey, Sorry I missed you. Dale Jr"

     forward...we kept in touch with the drivers wife and she offered to host us in the garage area at the next Texas race. So there we are, in the garage area, walking around, watching the cars being worked on, seeing the drivers. The best part...sitting on the pit wall for Winston Cup qualifying.

              Yes..I'm a huge Nascar geek! And a with it!

              Worst moment...2001 we're in Vegas..I'm in the sports book, watching the Daytona 500 by myself...hubby was with his bosses. I'm watching the drivers walk to their cars. They show Dale Earnhardt, Sr with his wife. She kisses him. Not like usual. It's a more prolonged kiss. I think to myself, " sad is it to kiss someone knowing that they could go out on the track and not make it back alive."

              Flash forward...middle of race, I have to leave to have lunch with "the bosses"..I go back later to check the results of the race...I had bet on Earnhardt.

              He was killed on the last lap, instantly.

              I'll never bet on another Nascar race!
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                Re: Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

                Best: winning the 2004 Rose Bowl (proving that championships are won on a field, not in a computer).

                Worst: hey, we had season seats throughout the Larry Smith years.

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                  Re: Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

                  I have been fortunate enough to witness many great sporting events in person. Here are a few I can think of off the top of my head:

                  (Fall 1993) The first hockey game I went to was the St. Louis Blues vs. the Edmonton Oilers. The two teams skated to a tie at the end of regulation. The Blues won the game in overtime when Brendan Shanahan scored the game-winning goal off of the initial face-off in overtime.

                  (January 2002) The St. Louis Rams defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game to advance to the Super Bowl.

                  (Spring 2002) I got to watch the Southern Illinois Salukis basketball team develop and go on to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament.

                  (June 2002) I went to the first interleague series played between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Anaheim Angels. The game I went to was the last start for Darryl Kile and the night that long time broadcaster Jack Buck passed away.

                  Other notables:
                  A Mark McGwire Home Run
                  The first ever Brickyard 400 (1994)
                  The last CART Indy 500 (1995)
                  The first win for Richard Childress Racing after Dale Earnhardt's death at
                  Atlanta Motor Speedway (2001)
                  Going on the field at Dodger Stadium to watch the Hollywood All-Stars Game (2004)


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                    Re: Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

                    A couple of mine would have to be, The A's sweeping the Giants in the '89 world series, making it more interesting was the Loma Prieta quake.

                    The A's 20 game streak.
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                      Re: Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

                      I was at that game!

                      My ticket to game 4 was autographed by Dave Stewart and Rickey Henderson. Still have it in the safe.

                      I was born and raised in Hayward. Graduated from Cal State HAYWARD...


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                        Re: Best and/or worst moments as a sports fan

                        This is not really a best/worst moment, but definitely a memorable one!

                        When we were in high school my friends and I had just finished cheerleading at a basketball game which our team had won on the turf of a high school that was in a rather rough area. Some guys and their girlfriends from the other school came up and asked us about the score of the game. My friend told them and then one of the guys , who I'm pretty sure did this because his girlfriend was jealous because he had checked out my pretty friend, said to my friend "You know what? You're really ugly." My friend and the rest of us just said nothing, turned around and and started walking to our car. Then the guy grabbed my pretty friend by her hair. She went CRAZY! She started hitting and kicking and scratching and clawing at him!! We kept saying "Come on , let's go to the car!" but she wouldn't stop. Another one of our friends had gotten to the car by this time so she drove up and we grabbed my pretty friend and threw her in and jumped in after her." She was still in fight mode and said "I've got his skin under my fingernails!" The whole incident was really scary and unbelieveable! I bet that guy never took on a pretty blonde again!!


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