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  • RIP, GeoCities

    The homepage host Geocities was discontinued a couple days ago and all the sites there have gone the way of the dodo unless they were moved. I remember back in the late 1990s when they were one of the best-known "free homepage" providers, among a few big names such as Tripod. Originally sites there were organized as "neighborhoods", such as TimesSquare/Chasm/5294, which was my site. They were bought by Yahoo around 1999.

    Personal homepages were an "in" thing back then, but seem to have been largely replaced by social-networking pages (facebook, etc) and blogs in the modern sense. (No doubt this is why Geocities was closed.) Those who have content that warrants an actual website can take advantage of present-day inexpensive paid hosting options, which wasn't as easily had back then if I remember right. This makes me wonder what the free-homepage scene is like nowdays, if there even is one anymore. I haven't paid it attention really.

    Did anyone here have a Geocities site? Any fond memories, etc? I had a site circa 1998 about the video game Riven.

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    Re: RIP, GeoCities

    It was still around? Could have fooled me.


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