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  • Documentary:The way we get by

    I just saw this talked about on made me tear up just watching the clip. There are some amazing people out there.

    The Way We Get By - a documentary film by Aron Gaudet & Gita Pullapilly about three senior citizens & Maine Troop Greeters

    I'm not a very emotional person...but, this touched me for one very big reason. When my husband returned from Iraq in July, he said there were a few elderly people waiting for their flight at the airport in Maryland. One, wore a Veteran cap, and shoke my husband's hand; thanking him for his service. My husband; is a big man...6'1'' and over 250 lbs, so he's not the mushy type. But, he told me the second his hand reached out for that man's...his eyes teared up. It meant a great deal to my husband to have that man, who fought for his country...there to welcome him home.

    It's so great that someone saw this act, and made this movie about these remarkable people.

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