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Necreauxsis Halloween Event [Home Haunt]


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  • Necreauxsis Halloween Event [Home Haunt]

    This is our 3rd year doing this little shindig, and we tripled the size this year at a new location. The pictures, as usual, cannot speak for the true quality of the haunt.

    I have some pictures from the night of. Not pictured are the creeps in the closet scene, me in my dead end, and the finale chase-out. The lighting wasn't serving the pictures well in those parts, so no pics were taken. I'll have a video as soon as possible.

    Front Yard:

    Opposites Room - Good:


    Boiler Room [We had an air canon in here]:


    [Fog came out of that weird standing tree-like thing]

    The Hole:

    Misc Photos:

    Total scare actors: 15
    Total time spent building: 24 hours+
    Total guests: Currently unknown

    This has consumed my life for the past 4 months, quite literally. Hopefully now I'll have some time to actually participate in the conversations on this forum :]

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    Re: Necreauxsis Halloween Event [Home Haunt]

    what a great looking home haunt! next year i'd love to add you to my annual list of haunted events around so cal
    Will there be screams when the sun sets,
    -=Is It October Yet?=-

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      Re: Necreauxsis Halloween Event [Home Haunt]

      Really creative work, thanks for sharing! Good to see there are other home haunters here on the site.
      when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....


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        Re: Necreauxsis Halloween Event [Home Haunt]

        VERY cool! Looks like you did a great job!


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