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I want to thank a few people, and one in particular


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  • I want to thank a few people, and one in particular

    To all that put up with me last Sunday on my Birthday, THANKS!!!! :bow:

    (Heck, at least I didn't throw up on the Sun Wheel after spending a bit too much time at the Cove Bar

    It was great seeing you all, and I truly appreciate the birthday wishes (well, except the Churro... :lol:

    But the main reason for this thread is a big thank you to someone special.... Thanks for everything, glad I got to know you better, and looking forward to getting to know more about you...

    OK, I am missing someone...

    Need Sleep, but can't sleep.....

    Oh well, I hope everyone will have a great weekend.. I know I will....
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    Someone needed sleep this morning. Do you ever sleep?

    I'm glad you had a great weekend and that I was able to help make it special.

    Here's to another great weekend this weekend.


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      Hey! I didn't know it was your bday! Happy bday!

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        Hope I didn't make you feel too old, being the impetuous youth that I am and all.... Wish I could've stayed longer, but I needed to spend some time with my brother that weekend.
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          I 'm so sorry to have put that pill in YOUR beer B'day boy, next time I'll be more careful and aim for the one i really want. Had a great time with your Visa card. Till next year!
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