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Hopefully Another Fun Thread!!!


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  • Hopefully Another Fun Thread!!!

    Ok, what was your most enjoyable job experience that you have had throughout the years. It can be your fulltime job, a parttime job, your very first job, etc.. Again I will start off here.

    I have to say that my all time favorite place to work was Disneyland, hands down. I worked several stints there, the most recent in 2000. But, I would have to say I had 2 really fun jobs that I will always cherish as a fond memory. The first one was as a Queen's Guard at the Queen Mary in the early 80's (part time jjob as I was going to CSULB - GO BEACH!!!). I got to wear the complete British uniform, along with the big Bearskin and recreated the changing of the guard for the tourists. Each of us had to stand 1 hour guard duties w/o moving and of course laughing either. Out of an 8 hour shift, I usually stood three 1 hour guard duties. The rest of the guards and bandsmen would go in the break/lounge room and play D&D until it was time to change the guard again. We had to try and talk with brisitsh accents too. This was a great job, but alas upper management decided to get rid of this tradition. what a shame.

    My other part time job I loved was being a traiin/stagecoach bandit at Knotts Berry Farm. It was a blast robbing all the families/kids etc.. on the train and along the stagecoach route, before they changed that. I remember my supervisor was a guy named Larry Boroskin and his claim to fame was being an exact look a like to Avery Schriber (I think that's how you spell it), the actor who was famous for a potato chip commercial. A bunch of us bandits, after getting off work at night (during the summer months), would help security and patrol the tracks and knab all of the fence jumpers trying to get into the park for free. What a thrill. Man those were fun days.

    Anyway, anyone else with interesting jobs??? PLease share with us.

    Oh yes, I forgot, I also worked at the old Sunkist Citrus House, squeezing all of those oranges to make that fresh OJ for the consumption of our Disneyland guests.


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    Re: Hopefully Another Fun Thread!!!

    Disneyland- Hands down! I worked Storybook and Guest Control from 98-99.
    Best. Job. Ever.

    I have actualy enjoyed every job I have had except one- which was a short stint in collections when I lived in South Dakota for a few months- I am so not cut out for that!

    I really enjoy jobs where I can be creative also which I was able to do for a while at CSUSB when I worked in the campus bookstore and I did some minor marketing and graphic design for the school website.

    But I have been a stay at home mom for going on four years and that is definitely the most rewarding job!
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      Re: Hopefully Another Fun Thread!!!

      I'd have to say my most enjoyable job was when I was a teenage enema nurse, NURSES IN BONDAGE!!!


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        Re: Hopefully Another Fun Thread!!!

        Paramedic - loved it! Loved helping people..working in the hospitals. The adrenaline rush of it!

        Bartender - Oh my gosh! It was like being at a party every night without the hangover then next morning...and you got paid!
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          Re: Hopefully Another Fun Thread!!!

          this lady bitched about her eggs, so the cook spit in them. She said they were good eggs....
          What an idiot....

          Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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            Re: Hopefully Another Fun Thread!!!

            When I first got out of high school before I got married I worked in a beef jerky plant. (King-B Jerky) It was hard work, but looking back, it was a lot of fun. My mom worked in the part where they cut the meat into strips and a couple of my friends and I worked in what was called the screening room. We took bathtub sized vats of the strips and layed them out on giant screens and put them on racks and put the racks into ovens. Plus.... we got to eat some of the leftover pieces of jerky!!

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              Re: Hopefully Another Fun Thread!!!

              During college in the late 70's/early 80's, (I was a film major), I interned and worked summers at a small animation studio in Cincinnati. After graduation, I got a full-time job there. I started as an inker and painter. After a couple of years I was given animation responsabilities. I worked there for 7 years before the owner closed-up shop. It was the best time of my life being in my 20's and getting paid for drawing and making films. We had a really cool computer-assisted animation camera for 2-D; and motion-control camera set-up in a warehose for 3-D. We did everything from classic hand-drawn to model animation. It was a very small studio with only 4 animators and 1 camera operator. It made for a close-knit group. We worked and partied together.

              After being out of work for 6 months, I found a job with a toy company, designing and engineering everything from Pokemon to Star Wars. It's a good gig which I have survived doing for 16 years. I still love coming to work.

              I guess life could have been worse.


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                Re: Hopefully Another Fun Thread!!!

                When I was a nanny in New Jersey. The kids were just wonderful and I loved having so much time to go out and do stuff with them. Plus, it was the fall! Ah, I miss them.
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