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Micechat's Best of 2009 thread

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  • Micechat's Best of 2009 thread

    So when you look back on 2009, what news story or thread is going to stick out most in your mind? Was it the coverage of D23? Or was it the changes happening to DCA? Was it the passing of Roy Disney? Or was it something completly different?
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    Re: Micechat's Best of 2009 thread

    I think the main story that broke here at MiceAge/MiceChat was the Al Lutz story in regards to the return of Captain EO to the parks. I think it has created the most "posts", not just here, but on many other Disney related boards.

    As for News in General, I think the "switch" between Jay Rasulo and Tom Staggs announced a few weeks ago will be the story that most effects both the parks and the company in general in 2011.

    Let me add one more, about a year old, but it is the Annual Passholder Monthly Payment Plan for Southern Californians that started in January 2009. That has changed the dynamics of Disneyland in ways folks are still talking about. Heck it more than likely is the story that has been in the most "different" threads here at MiceChat this year.
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      Re: Micechat's Best of 2009 thread

      Well, Darkbeer and Ooogie hit the big ones.

      BUT as for topics of conversation here at MiceChat, In the DL section in particular, the ones that come to mind, with the most atttention, are the trip report from the person who dressed up as the Hatbox Ghost, in a phenomenal outfit, and then got tossed out of Mickey's Trick or Treat Party, and the inept way that Disney handled the situation.

      The Disney Characters being placed in Small World did get some attention when it first was revealed. For the most part favorable reviews, with the exception of agreement how well the USA addtion was executed. However most everyone agrees that Woody, Bullseye, and Jessie look ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS.

      Another major happening included DL ELIMINATING any type of Parade in Disneyland Jan thru October, only November and December brought the return of the Christmas Parade. It was a historically sad year for Disney entertainment, with the flop of the beheaded dragon, the sporadic undependable views of Dumbo in the fireworks show, even Flotsom and Jetski were not without their problems, and missed shows, also. DL, without a real summer parade. Entertaiment Management should be ashamed!

      The one bright spot for DL entertainment was Tiana's Showboat Jubilee, which sadly has an extremely short schedule.

      One other topic that hs stirred up controversy, Celebrate - Street Party. It's simply not up to Disney standards. Entertainment has seriously dropped the ball with this street party, for the ill-conceived Celebrate promotion dreamed up by Jay Rasulo, who what transfered out of managing DL/WDW.
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        Re: Micechat's Best of 2009 thread

        The new Indy AA. I guess I was so surprised by how quickly they put it in and the news caught me off guard. I'm excited to see it with my own eyes when I go in May

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          Re: Micechat's Best of 2009 thread

          I have to say the dragon. It was a lot of disappointment, false hope, and waiting for a long time.


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            Re: Micechat's Best of 2009 thread

            I think the Summer Nighttastic/dragon was one of the most interesting threads to follow this summer, especially since the dragon missed the entire summer, but triumphantly greeted adoring fans the beginning of September. It's good to see that he's mostly being seen as worth the wait.

            For me personally, I think the D23 Expo threads were the best. For the 2 of us who couldn't make it, it was great to see so many threads that really captured the places I would have liked to visit, as well as the news that was spread through the MiceChat grapevine.

            We're hoping to make the next one though!
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              Re: Micechat's Best of 2009 thread

              I especially like the threads that include videos, and photos of the parks. There are many of these. Trip reports, and also threads about Fantasmic, and the summer fireworks were especially nice to see. When you don't get to visit Disneyland much it's great to be able to see both photos, and videos in the comfort of your home. I really appreciated the posting of those. I wouldn't get to see either Murphy, or Dumbo any other way this past year.


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                Re: Micechat's Best of 2009 thread

                D23 introduced a new fan club where us Disney Fans could gather together at special events, and the magazine is pretty good too!


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                  Re: Micechat's Best of 2009 thread

                  I agree with everything mentioned above. I would also add the addition of the Halloween fireworks show with Jack and Zero. That alone took me to the Park every week during its run just so I could see it.