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The 2010 Calendar Thread


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  • The 2010 Calendar Thread

    Here in Chicago where I live, we have just entered into a new year, and a brand new decade. We have left behind the month of December, and 2009, and stepped forward into 2010.

    As my friend Barry asked, will you call it Twenty-Ten, or Two Thousand Ten, or perhaps just O-Ten. I tend to like Twenty Ten myself.

    January is the first month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. There are 31 days in the month of January.

    If you were born in January, perhaps you know that your birthstone is a garnet, and that your birth flower is both a dianthus and a galanthus.

    The first day of January is known as New Year's Day. I wish you and yours a happy one.

    To Be Continued.........

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    Re: The 2010 Calendar Thread

    A lot of MiceChatters have birthdays today, On New Year's Day. Happy Birthday to all of you:

    aurora stardust, baby fishmouth, abcd2112, Steevil, Mickey'sGirl, CalifornisScreamer, Willy Wonka, CheGuevaraJack, Ashley Tisdale Fan, Princess321, homefrygirl, puppyliver, Vmk Addict, nickynouse, SaraMaverick93.


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      Re: The 2010 Calendar Thread

      What a great thread, Barb. And happy birthday to the New Years babies!



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        Re: The 2010 Calendar Thread

        If today is your birthday, you share it along with these famous people:

        Paul Revere
        Betsy Ross
        J. Edgar Hoover
        Barry Goldwater

        Did you perhaps party in the new year to the Scottish tune, Auld Lang Syne, which means old long ago, or The Good Old Days.

        New Years Day is known for the famous Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California and the playing of the Rose Bowl game. This year the Ohio State Buckeyes play the Oregon Ducks.

        More Coming Up.......


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          Re: The 2010 Calendar Thread

          It's fun putting up a brand new calendar on the wall on New Year's Day. What kind of calendar have you perhaps hung on your wall today? Mine was a Tinker Bell one. I actually bought it at my local Walgreens and it came with a small mini one as well.

          Did You know? That on January 1, 1888, Walt Disney's parents Flora Call, and Elias Disney were married. The town they were married in was named Acron and it was in Florida. The town is no longer there today, and it was originally located about 40 miles due north of where Walt Disney World stands today.

          I invite everyone to contribute interesting facts, and trivia to this Calendar Thread.


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            Re: The 2010 Calendar Thread

            It is January 2, 2010.

            The Month of January has been designated by some as:

            Blood Donor Month
            Braille Literacy Month
            National Hobby Month
            Hot Tea Month
            National Oatmeal Month
            National Soup Month

            On this day is sports history:

            In 1911, Brooklyn Dodgers president Charles Ebbetts announces the purchase of land to build a concrete and steel stadium that would seat 30,000.

            In 1945, in the sport of basketball, Kentucky begins a 130 game home winning streak that lasts until 1955.

            A bit of Disney trivia:

            In 1977 the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland closes. It was later replaced by the ever popular Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

            Celebrity Birthdays:

            Kate Bosworth
            Roger Miller
            Sally Rand.

            I'd also like to wish the following MiceChatters a happy birthday.

            Eric Dean

            ..............and last but not least, the drinking straw was patented on this day in 1988.

            Have a wonderful day today.


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