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What makes you Happy, What makes you Mad?


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  • What makes you Happy, What makes you Mad?

    This thread is sort of a venting exercise for both happiness and mad-ness!!

    Friends make me happy

    Not having hours in the park..makes me mad!
    'When hinges creek in doorless chambers..and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls..whenever candlelights flicker..where the air is deathly still..That is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight.'

    *Space Mountain re-launches July 15 2005*

    ^V^ "I Make Ride Go!" ^V^

  • #2
    My friends here make me happy

    Terminally stupid people make me mad.
    Member 216


    • #3
      Mushy love things make me happy.
      Egotistical whiney prats make me mad.
      I lurk.


      • #4
        Lazy, apathetic people make me mad
        The approaching of Spring makes me happy! :lol:
        Cosmo Kramer: Well I can't go back to the public courses now! I can't! I WON'T!


        • #5
          Having fun while Being Lazy makes me HaPpY
          Idiots make me MaD
          :evil: x_Stanimal_x :evil:


          • #6
            Going to the zoo, with a latte in hand with my littlest one makes me happy.

            Not a lot actually makes me mad. Trying to think of something that makes me angry....I guess bigotry, ignorance, and um, genocide would make me mad.


            • #7
              My kids make me happy.

              Intolerance makes me mad.
              Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
              I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

              May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.

              NO GOATS!


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                Last edited by Pirate Wench; 04-27-2005, 09:11 PM.


                • #9
                  People with senses of humor make me happy.

                  Hypocritical people make me mad.


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                    Last edited by Pirate Wench; 04-27-2005, 09:11 PM.


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                      Originally posted by Pirate Wench
                      British slang makes me happy..
                      Absobloodylutely ace!!


                      • #12
                        Rainy, lazy days make me happy

                        Two-faced people make me mad (It's only ok when I do it :devil: )


                        • #13
                          My boys make me the happiest & my friends make me happy

                          Not getting to see my friends make me sad (especially when their bf's mom ruin it at the last minute!! )

                          Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


                          • #14
                            Kinda corny, but the background music at makes me happy...It'll perk up my day in an instant!

                            People who have no conversation skills annoy me.

                            Paris Hilton makes me mad.
                            Anyone up for a Colorado Micechatters meet-up?

                            Colorado Micechatter Extrordinare!


                            • #15
                              What makes me happy....

                              Spending time with my wife (Who's also my best friend)
                              Artwork that just comes out right
                              Walking along the beach at early evening in the rain
                              New episodes of South Park

                              What makes me mad...

                              My Job
                              Days when I can't draw to save my life
                              Not being able to pass a certain section on Grand Theft Auto; San Andreas
                              Raoches in the Pot ( :lol: I got that from a song from Sublime)

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